Brittany O’Grady

O’Grady in 2017, photo by Joe Seer/

Place of Birth: Arlington, Virginia, U.S.

Date of Birth: June 2, 1996

*father – Irish, Swiss-German, possibly other
*mother – Louisiana Creole [African, French]

Brittany O’Grady is an American actress and singer. Her roles include the series Star and The White Lotus and the film Black Christmas (2019).

Brittany is the daughter of Monique and Michael O’Grady.

Brittany has stated:

My dad is white, and his last name is O’Grady. My mom is African American, like Creole from New Orleans-type.

One of Brittany’s paternal great-grandfathers was jazz age bandleader Billy Arnold (born Arnold William Guldeman). Billy was born in Patterson, New Jersey, to Swiss parents.

Brittany’s maternal grandfather was named Joseph Michael Conrad, Jr. Joseph was born in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Brittany’s maternal grandmother was Bernadine Ann Barard (the daughter of Albert Joseph Barard, Sr. and Carrie Anastasia Polidor). Albert was the son of Adolph Barard and Homeria/Omeria Michel.


Obituary of Brittany’s maternal grandfather, Joseph Michael Conrad, Jr. –

Obituary of Brittany’s maternal great-uncle (grandmother’s brother) –

Brittany’s maternal great-great-grandparents, Adolph Barard and Homeria/Omeria Michel, on the 1910 U.S. Census –

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  1. Multiethnicchick says:

    Mixed race and mostly white like Meghan Markle. Probably no more than 1/3 black

    • boxingandmmaguy says:


    • jonasbttencourt says:

      Yep, makes sense, Luisiana Creole is pretty much the american equivalent of “pardo”, a term we use in Brazil refering to mixed-race people. And since her dad is full white, it’s safe to say she’s mostly white, if you combine with the european admixture of her mom.

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