Adrienne Bailon-Houghton

Bailon-Houghton in 2010, Dylan Armajani /

Birth Name: Adrienne Eliza Bailon

Place of Birth: New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: October 24, 1983

*Ecuadorian (father)
*Puerto Rican (mother)

Adrienne Bailon-Houghton, previously known as Adrienne Bailon, is an American recording artist, singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, and television personality. She was an original member of girl group 3LW, along with Naturi Naughton and Kiely Williams, and The Cheetah Girls, along with Sabrina Bryan and Williams. She has also been credited as Adrienne Houghton.

Her father, Freddie Bailon, is Ecuadorian. Her mother, Nilda Felix, is Puerto Rican. Adrienne is married to Christian music singer, songwriter, producer, and worship leader Israel Houghton, with whom she has a son.

A DNA test whose results were displayed on the show The Real (2016) stated that Adrienne’s genetic ancestry consists of:

*57% Europe
——–*36% Iberian Peninsula
——–*7% Italy/Greece
——–*7% Ireland
——–*5% Europe West
——–*2% Great Britain
*28% American
——–*28% Native American
*8% West Asia
——–*8% Middle East
*7% Africa

Adrienne’s maternal grandmother is named Carmen Zayas.



Curious about ethnicity

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  1. Circean says:

    Wow! She is mixed with a little of everything. Beautiful lady.

  2. anen87 says:

    She took a DNA test, results were reveled on her talk show. She is:
    57% european
    28% Native american
    8% Middle eastern
    7% Black

    • fuzzybear44 says:

      The black part is lower than I thought it would be

    • Samiiraa says:

      7% African not Black and most of her African DNA is North African that comes from her Spaniard ancestry.

      • fuzzybear44 says:


        There was nothing that suggest that ancestor who contribute that bloodline was not black. Black people have always been all up in North Africa. Actually, the first slaves in the new world(as it was called), came from North Africa and Spain and Portugal , as well as many freemen, and they were black. you had famous conquistadors like Juan Garrido who was black who married into the new world population. You had famous moors like Estevanico and so on.

        • Samiiraa says:

          Still not accurate to say she is European, Native American and Black as a synonym for African. Black isn’t an ethnicty, nor a region, it’s a skin color.

          • fuzzybear44 says:


            Quote(Still not accurate to say she is European, Native American and Black as a synonym for African. Black isn’t an ethnicty, nor a region, it’s a skin color.)

            Okay fair enough , but you also have to admit, that there’s is no telling what that ancestor who contribute that African ancestry looked like. North Africa is a region , and it’s more about politics who get included as North African. The Dna map on her show, had Chad, Mali, Niger, Eritrea , parts of the Sudan, Ethiopia, and Somalia all included as North African. Last time I checked, they weren’t supposed to be

          • midori29 says:

            @Samiiraa There are black subsharan looking North Africans.

        • blue says:

          Spaniards dont have black or north african dna.

          Only the canary island have a Little because of guanches, but not in mainland spain

      • blue says:

        NO. Its not true, DNA can confirm that. Spaniards dont have north african dna.

        In puerto rico, mexico, south america in general have a lot of lebanese and middle easter inmigrants. 8% middle earter is a lot, in spain we dont have this dna, probrably she has an relative from this área.

        7% is african (subsaharian) not north african.

        Puerto ricans have black dna.

      • midori29 says:

        @Samiiraa I saw the show where she tested her dna. HER BLACK AFRICAN ancestry is SUBSAHARAN BLACK AFRICAN. Google it , its on youtube. WOW people like to hide African. Thats what adds to the beauty.

  3. Bow Down Bitches says:

    but why are puerto rican girls so gorgeous though??

  4. Marseille says:

    She looks predominately white.

    75-80% European, at least.

    • Bow Down Bitches says:

      no she doesn’t, stop being a hater and a racist. she looks 100% latina

      • marjanel says:

        What are you talking about? There is not something like looking latino.And being white,it doen’t mean that you are not latino.At contrary white ancestry and culture is what latino people marino

        • Dogg says:

          Most Latinos are mixed with African, Native American and European. Of course there’s white Latinos and black Latinos but the vast majority are a mixed-race people. Even white Latinos are mixed.

          • Dogg says:

            Spaniards have their own “look”.

          • marjanel says:

            Dogg,Latín America is a very diverse place.You can say that most are this or that, or what is the exact mixture.It is more like that.You can generalize a country, less, it would be a lot of countries.Also, latino is a word that In Usa is very wrongly used.

          • loiro says:

            this isn’t true, if we take people who look mestizo (native american/white), and triracial (african/european/native american).. then they’ll probably be in equal amounts and depending on the country one will predominate over the other for example most mixed mexicans are just mestizo (even if many have SOME african input).. while most mixed panamanians are triracial. in countries like chile or paraguay the african contribution into the mestizo population is almost non-existent

          • fuzzybear44 says:


            But wait, The avg Mexican Mestizo is tri-racial. This is not me saying it, but the DNA results . Whether you consider the 3 to 8 with the avg being 5% African insignificant or not, it’s still part of who they are. Also Mestizo just meant mixed blood. It was people trying to promote a false identity with that casta system . Mexicans used to call Louisiana Creoles Mestizos. Black Indians in the states were called Mestizo, even Filipinos are called Mestizo. Natives that could speak fluent Spanish were called Mestizo. Even with the La Raza theory, Vasconcelos wanted Mexicans to have African and Asian blood. Then you have Afro-mestizo, when in fact those people just see themselves as Mestizo
            This man would see himself as Mestizo, he’s part black:
            All of these people are part black, look like regular old Mexicans to me:

          • mony says:

            White “latinos” (actually nobody in Europe calls people from South Europe “latinos”, only Americans call them like that -.-“) aren’t mixed with people of color from sub saharian Africa, but they have a small percentage of Dna from north africans and arabs. These people don’t belong to another race but are Caucasians like Europeans.

          • fuzzybear44 says:


            Let me see, I bet you’re Italian. Anyhow based on the Dna test that Italians take and put on line, many of them do have SSA ancestry from within the last 200yrs

            Also Caucasian is as much a political term, as it is an actual description. This man here is called a Caucasian:
            so are these men:

          • andrew says:

            @ fuzzybear


            I already replied you about the “last 200yrs” thing but it doesn’t seem you understood. I guess it’s becoming your 3rd personal fetish, after “black alwais going to Europe” and “North Africans ranging from white to black”. You’re a lost cause.

          • fuzzybear44 says:


            Quote(I guess Italy is becoming your 3rd personal fetish)

            Lets see, Italy my 3rd personal fetish, NOPE. I have about as much interest in Italians, as you do about African history. However in order for me to study Africans, I have to study everywhere they went, which includes Italy

          • fuzzybear44 says:


            Didn’t see this, so I’ll try to keep it short


            Quote:(I already replied you about the “last 200yrs” thing but it doesn’t seem you understood.)

            Well no, I’m pretty sure I understood what you wrote. I looked at it, and gave it all the attention I felt it deserved, which was(NONE).It’s a wonder you don’t know anything, you depend on wiki to much. Your Wiki page really only talks about people leaving italy, then non-italians coming back in the 80’s. As usual, you take these half ass research wiki pages, see what you like and run with it. Now I said 200 yrs, but I was basing that on a 20 yr interval, 9 generations is more accurate. You implied that the contribution levels were just noise. That would imply that you knew the people in question, that you knew their ancestry, and that you knew there were no people of west African descent in their families. However you and I both know, that you don’t know that. I on the other hand, have irrefutable proof that people of Sub-Saharan African descent, have been all up and through Italy from the 1800’s and on. African Americans went to Italy to get away from racism, because at that time, the Italians weren’t like you guys are now(at least up to Fascism time).Many black Americans married into the Italy population as well as Half Italians. People like William Demby(writer) or Captain Michele Amatore(he was African), so was (Lara Saint Paul)who’s father was Italian. There was Harold Bradley(although his wife was Jewish, his children married Italians):
            There was Sarah Parker Remond and her sisters.Who could forget Chelo Alonso aka the cuban h-bomb.William Demby a writer also married an Italian. A number of black Americans have made contributions to Italy, which your Wiki page doesn’t show. Jazz was brought there by black people, in 1800’s. (Mr. Basketball) Elliott Van Zandt, who was coach of the Italian Olympic basketball team, and engaged to an Italian woman:
            African American Writers(Ollie Stewart,Ralph Ellison,William Demby) studied in Rome. Musicians, opera singers(Katherine Yarborough, Lillian Evanti Evans, Roland Hayes, and Marian Anderson), Famous singers(Lola Falana, Rocky Roberts so many more singers) :
            , social activists(Frederick Douglass,Booker T. Washington, Langston Hughes,Anna Julia Haywood Cooper ),sculptors like(Edmonia Lewis) and countless actors like(Dakar(Alejandro Barrera,Archie C. Savage,Vanoye Aikens,Rosy Zichel,Paul Wynter),artists like (Robert S. Duncanson) all went to Italy. There has been so much traffic through italy, it’s a crying shame you don’t know anything.

          • fuzzybear44 says:


            Quote: ( “black alwais going to Europe”)

            Well this has already been proven. They even have kid interact web sites about this stuff. However I guess I shouldn’t expect to much from you. After all, you didn’t think black people were even in the U.K when Tom Jones was born

          • fuzzybear44 says:


            Quote”(you say “North Africans didn’t ranging from white to black”)

            I say North Africans are from white to black, but you say no.
            Which is funny, because even the information you provided on Carly Simon site page, of Blog that you put up yourself, says the Almohads and Almoravids dynasties that ruled North Africa and Spain were black Berbers(paragraph 5)

            I say there are still North Africans that black today, Aren’t these people here in Tunisa black:
            What about these people here in Algeria(food section):

            Quote from andrews:(they are considered Caucasians by American Census)

            You mean the same American government who dealt with these people Face to Face, who in 1790. and until to 1848 called the north African berbers Negros. The government that put in place a laws about them?

            (The Negro Laws)

            SECTION 4 :The term Negro is confined to slave Africans (THE ANCIENT BERBERS) and their descendants. It does not embrace the free inhabitants of Africa, such as the Egyptians, Moors, or the Negro Asiatics, such as Lascars.

            One thing I saw in your wiki page, was the 11% E1b blood in Italy. Here’s a map of that Hapo in North Africa:
            Looks to me like it covers a hugh area with countries full of Black people(Mali, Niger, Chad) even Ethiopia where it looks to be the strongest. Also Berbers are known to be in Mali, Niger:

            Quote:(You’re a lost cause.)

            There are countless images(paintings statues etc) of black moors all over the place.:
            You keep making comments, and are continually proven WRONG. You said there were no black people in pompeii, I proved there were. You said there were no black people in the middle East,I proved there were. You said there were no black people in the UK in the 40’s, and again you were wrong. Now everytime you’re proven wrong, you come up with some lame excuse like(well okay there were some there,or I just wanted to show a pov, not necessarily my own one). That shows me, you’re not man enough to admit you’re wrong about something, which makes you THE TRUE LOST CAUSE.

          • andrew says:

            I used the term “lost cause” because you use to overestimate the legacy of a few black people in a wider European context. I’m not totally clueless as you might think about this topic. There are some black/mixed entertainers/sportspeople from Italy you don’t know


            Once Senese told how he faced racism growing up in Naples. If you will watch Euro 2016 next week, you will notice how Italy’s team has just 1 black player, while France’s team is filled with Africans. That’s because immigration is a recent phenomenon in Italy.
            About North Africans, there are a few blacks in the area as you showed but the great bulk of the people are not blacks. And nobody in Europe associates North Africans to black people.

          • andrew says:

            E1b is more common in Balkans. Probably it has a Neolithic origin.


          • fuzzybear44 says:


            Quote( because you use to overestimate the legacy of a few black people in a wider European context.)

            I don’t overestimate anything, I simply said Black people have always been in Europe, it was you who said there weren’t any. Also like their white counterparts, some founded great success like(Juan Latino ), while others simply lived their life. How many white Europeans actually did anything worth mentioning, in the wider European context, just a handful. The rest just lived their life, and without the paperwork, no one would even know they existed .

            Quote(There are some black/mixed entertainers/sportspeople from Italy you don’t know)

            What makes you think, I wouldn’t know about those people? I have entire websites Dedicated to black people in Europe, in past as well as in the present.

            Quote(That’s because immigration is a recent phenomenon in Italy.)

            Two, or Three hundred thousand coming at one time, maybe be new. However I going to assume, that you skipped the first post from yesterday. Because if you had read that post, I proved that African Americans, Caribbean people etc, have been coming by the thousands since the 1800’s. I just gave a few names of ones that became famous, I could have given many more. However as usual with you, you’re only going by what you see today

            Quote(North Africans, there are a few blacks in the area as you showed but the great bulk of the people are not blacks. And nobody in Europe associates North Africans to black people)

            As usual, you do the same thing as always. First you say there none, then you’re proven wrong. Then you go okay well yes there a few.Instead of just admitting there was something you didn’t know. There are far more than just a few.:
            It was thanks to my North African friends , who told me the black people were push to the South, that’s how I knew where to look.I have images of black people spread out from Algeria to Tunisia. Also France tested bombs on them:
            Also you people in Europe have been taught that North Africa is Arab, instead of Arab converts, You also go by what you see today, and not understanding that populations change thanks to(European colonialism pushing people of their land, then them being run out by new Arabs coming in). Nobody associates black people with anything but slavery.Nobody associates America with Indians anymore, but they were here before white people came. There a few Indians in California, but I’ve never seen one. There once was a lot of them. This is the same thing England is crying about, that by 2050, whites will be the minority in England

      • loiro says:

        lmmao? wtf, latinos aren’t a race.. how is it possible to look 100% latino, and umm according to the dna test she IS predominately european, idiot.

    • anen87 says:

      She not! She’s only 57% euro according to DNA test taken

  5. the punisher says:

    She looks like ariana grande yet no one calls her white, Why? because both of her parents are from latin America, makes no sense

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