Rafael Correa

Correa in 2013, photo by Fernanda LeMarie – Cancillería del Ecuador [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Birth Name: Rafael Vicente Correa Delgado

Place of Birth: Guayaquil, Ecuador

Date of Birth: 6 April, 1963

Ethnicity: Ecuadorian [Indigenous, Spanish, possibly African], remote French

Rafael Correa is an Ecuadorian politician and economist. He served as President of Ecuador, from 15 January, 2007 to 24 May, 2017. He has also been Minister of Economy and Finance, from 20 April, 2005 to 9 August, 2005, and President of the PAIS Alliance, from 2 April, 2006 to 1 May, 2017.

Rafael is the son of Norma Delgado Rendón and Rafael Correa Icaza. His father was arrested and imprisoned for trying to smuggle illegal narcotics to the U.S. He is married to Belgian teacher Anne Malherbe Gosselin, with whom he has three children.

Rafael’s paternal grandfather was Rafael Antonio Correa Jurado (the son of Rafael María Correa de Saa y Espinosa and Victoria Jurado y Pérez). Rafael’s grandfather Rafael was born in El Palmar, Babahoyo, Los Ríos, Ecuador. Rafael’s great-grandfather Rafael was the son of Rafael María Correa de Saa y Soberón and María de los Dolores Espinosa. Victoria’s parents’ surnames were Jurado and Pérez.

Rafael’s paternal grandmother was Sara Icaza Mora (the daughter of Edmundo Santiago Icaza Valverde and Mercedes Mora Crespo). Sara was born in Guayaquil. Edmundo was the son of Carlos Octavio Gerardo Icaza García and María Asunción Valverde Letamendi. Mercedes was the daughter of Antonio Medardo Mora and Ángela Crespo Elizalde.

Rafael’s maternal grandfather was Simón Valentín “Valentine” Delgado Cepeda (the son of Simón Delgado Gutiérrez and Susana Cepeda López). Rafael’s great-grandfather Simón was the son of Pedro Delgado López and Juana Evangelista Gutiérrez. Susana was the daughter of Emiliano Cepeda Farías and Josefina López Cedeño.

Rafael’s maternal grandmother was Luz Isabel Rendón Rendón (the daughter of Luis Felipe Rendón García and Luz Isabel Rendón Peralta). Rafael’s great-grandfather Luis Felipe was the son of Luis Robinson Rendón Peralta and Rosa García. Rafael’s great-grandmother Luz Isabel was the daughter of Juan Norberto Rendón Treviño and Luz Peralta. Rafael’s great-grandmother Luz Isabel and great-great-grandfather Luis Robinson were siblings, making Rafael’s great-grandparents Luz Isabel and Luis Felipe aunt and nephew, respectively. Rafael’s great-great-grandfather Juan Norberto’s great-great-grandfather Pedro Ignacio de Barboteau y Rabreate (birth name possibly Pierre-Ignace Barboteau), was French, from Nantes.

Sources: Genealogies of Rafael Correa – http://www.geni.com

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  1. porkarella says:

    He looks a dark more ethnic Russian/Uckrainian/Moldavian he must has Baltic Slav root too despite he’s mestizo.
    His second daughter Anne in fact looks Baltic Slav too.

    • andrew says:

      Dove hai concepito questa teoria del “Baltic Slav” che ripeti qua e là? Sei stato a Tallinn e non ti ripreso dalla figa che hai visto?

        • porkarella says:

          Sorry for you the average Slav women from all East Europe come from regulars to uglies not the hottest models you believe in due the crap you see on tv.
          Reality can shock you a lot.

      • porkarella says:

        Douchbag it’s the reality Slavs from Baltic have this features the others from Balkan have different face you’re always proving you don’t know anything about races and made your beliefs on rumors, steretypes and personal thoughts not on reality.
        How can you know it you’re a non Euro living outside Europe you don’t know how we Euros are made we come in many shapes.

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