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Wayne Newton at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards Arrivals, MGM Gr

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Birth Name: Carson Wayne Newton

Place of Birth: Norfolk, Virginia, U.S.

Date of Birth: April 3, 1942

Ethnicity: English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, German

Wayne Newton is an American singer and entertainer. He is the son of Evelyn Marie (Smith) and Patrick Newton.

Wayne has often stated that his parents were both of half Native American ancestry, his father Powhatan and his mother Cherokee. This statement does not appear to be accurate.

On his father’s side, Wayne is said to have a Powhatan Native American eight times great-grandmother, a woman named Keziah Arroyah, who was born, c. 1635, in Bryant, Charles, Maryland. However, it is not clear if this woman really existed. It is also not clear if Wayne’s mother had verified Native American ancestry. Wayne’s parents are both listed as “White” on the 1940 U.S. Census and on their marriage record, among other documents.

Wayne is married to lawyer Kathleen McCrone. He has a daughter with his former wife Elaine Okamura; and a daughter with Kathleen.

Wayne’s paternal grandfather was Brodie Newton (the son of Absalom Alvin Newton and Silvestra/Sylvestra Sullivan). Brodie was born in Virginia. Absalom was the son of Gustavus Buchanon Newton and Eleanor/Ellen Ware Monteith. Silvestra was the daughter of Jonas Sullivan and Octavia Ellen Frances Shelton.

Wayne’s paternal grandmother was Nellie Jones (the daughter of Asthon Jones and Price/Pricie Ann Curtis). Nellie was born in Virginia. Ashton was the son of Lewis Jones and Richardetta. Price was the daughter of John F. Curtis and Mary V. Norman.

Wayne’s maternal grandfather was Homer “Howard” Plaster/Plasters Smith (the son of Millard Fillmore Plaster/Plasters and Louella Lawless). Homer was born in Virginia. Millard was the son of Creed William Plaster/Plasters and Ruhannah Griffith. Louella was the daughter of Thomas Jefferson Lawless and Sallie/Sally A. Ashby.

Wayne’s maternal grandmother was named Bessie Marie Massie/Massey.

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  1. alexgxo says:

    Actually, given what this sites research, maybe he is just of European background or is like 1/128th or something like that. I mean, the alleged distant “Native ancestor” doesn’t seem to exist, and I don’t think he was raised on any reserve or holds membership to any tribe AFAIK.

  2. alexgxo says:

    It’s very possible he has distant Amerindian heritage. Though according to Wikipedia, he’s claimed that both parents are half, which is probably way too much given what we know about him.

  3. person says:

    he really looks it.

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