Adam Robitel

LOS ANGELES – SEP 15: Adam Robitel arrives at the “Chillerama” Premiere at Hollywood Forever Cemetary on September 15, 2011 in Los Angeles, CA, photo by kathclick/

Birth Name: Adam James Robitel

Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.

Date of Birth: May 26, 1978

*50% British Isles [Irish, Scottish, English]
*25% Norwegian
*12.5% French-Canadian
*12.5% Italian

Adam Robitel is an American film director, producer, screenwriter, and actor. He is known for directing the horror films The Taking of Deborah LoganInsidious: The Last Key, and Escape Room and its sequel.

Adam’s paternal grandfather was Roy Clement Robitaille (the son of Alfred Edmond Robitaille and Susan Louise Kenney/Kenny). Roy was born in Massachusetts. Alfred was born in Massachusetts, to French-Canadian parents, from Québec, Henry E. Robitaille and Obetine N. Pronovost. Susan was born in Massachusetts, the daughter of Michael Kenny, who was Irish, and of Cecilia Louise Carr, who was born in Canada, to parents from England.

Adam’s paternal grandmother was Denise Jane McCarrick (the daughter of Dennis James McCarrick and Sylvia McDonough). Denise was born in Massachusetts. Dennis was born in Massachusetts, the son of Thomas Joseph McCarrick, who was Irish, and of Elizabeth Agnes “Lizzie” Murphy, whose parents were Irish. Sylvia was born in Massachusetts, the daughter of James A. McDonough, whose parents were Irish, and of Mary F. Hackett, whose parents were also Irish.

Adam’s maternal grandfather was Ralph Sylvius Permatteo (the son of Ralph John Permatteo and Gertrude M. McQuarrie). Adam’s grandfather Ralph was born in Massachusetts. Adam’s great-grandfather Ralph was born in Massachusetts, to parents from Italy, Domenico Permatteo and Maria E. “Mary” Sterbi. Gertrude was born in Prince Edward Island, Canada, the daughter of John A. McQuarrie, whose mother was Irish, and of Jessie/Jesse A. Ferguson, whose parents were from Scotland and Ireland, respectively.

Adam’s maternal grandmother was Minnie Elaine Thoreson (the daughter of Alfred A. Thoreson and Minnie Peterson). Adam’s grandmother Minnie was born in Massachusetts. Alfred was born in Minnesota, to Norwegian parents, Anders Thoresen Gryte and Marit Nilsdatter Haugen. Adam’s great-grandmother Minnie was born in Wisconsin, also to parents from Norway, who were likely named Anders “Andrew” Pederson Brennoden and Oline “Lena” Halvorsdatter-Kvannsletten.

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