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Joel Grey

by madman on January 10, 2018

Joel Grey – 65th Annual Tony Awards – Arrivals – Beacon Theatre – New York City, NY, USA – Photo Credit: Wild1 / PR Photos

Birth Name: Joel David Katz

Place of Birth: Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.

Date of Birth: April 11, 1932

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Joel Grey is an American actor, singer, dancer, and photographer. He won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for Cabaret (1972).

Joel is the son of Goldie “Grace/Grayce” (Epstein) and Mickey Katz (Meir/Meyer Myron Katz), an actor, comedian, and musician. He has two children, including actress Jennifer Grey, with his former wife, Jo Wilder.

Joel’s paternal grandfather was Menachem/Max Mandel Katz. Menachem was born in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Joel’s paternal grandmother was Johanna/Anna Sarah Herzberg (the daughter of Joseph/Josel Herzberg and Yetta L. Josephson). Johanna was born in Courland, Latvia. Joseph was the son of Jacob Herzberg and Tillie.

Joel’s maternal grandfather was Morris Epstein (the son of Louis Epstein and Hinda Howitz). Morris was born in Russia.

Joel’s maternal grandmother was Fanny Bordovsky/Bodofsky/Vorodosky (the daughter of Gedelia Bordovsky/Bodofsky and Buly Korloitsky). Fanny was born in Russia.

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Matthew Ziff

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04/15/2015 – Matthew Ziff – WeRehearse Premiere and Launch Party at Vaucluse Lounge in West Hollywood on April 15, 2015 – Vaucluse Lounge, 8210 Sunset Boulevard – West Hollywood, CA, USA – Keywords: Orientation: Portrait Face Count: 1 – False – Photo Credit: B. Rene Norman / – Contact (1-866-551-7827) – Portrait Face Count: 1

Place of Birth: Englewood, New Jersey, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 24, 1991

*50% Ashkenazi Jewish
*37.5% Italian (including Sicilian)
*12.5% Polish

Matthew Ziff is an American actor, producer, and model.

Matthew is the son of actress Lorraine Ziff (born Lorraine Bencivengo) and philanthropist Laurence F. “Larry” Ziff. Matthew has a brother, Adam.

Matthew’s paternal grandfather is the son of Charles Ziff and Helen Weinfeld. Charles was born in New York, the son of Lithuanian Jewish parents, Joseph Ziff and Sarah Brenner. Helen was the daughter of Esther.

Matthew’s paternal grandmother is the daughter of Jacob Sandler and Dorothy Sternberg. Jacob was a Jewish emigrant from Latvia. Dorothy was born in Pennsylvania, the daughter of Jewish emigrants, Philep Sternberg, who was born in Romanatu, Gorj, Romania, and Lena Grunfield, who was born in Russia.

Matthew’s maternal grandfather was Charles V. Bencivengo, Sr. (the son of Charles Bencivenga and Helen Zwierzynski). Matthew’s grandfather Charles was born in New York. Matthew’s great-grandfather Charles was born in Pennsylvania, the son of Italian parents, Francesco Bencivengo and Vinsensue Crillo. Helen was born in New York, the daughter of Polish parents, Alexander/Alex Zwierzynski, from Krasna, and Katherine Lulyk, from Podhorodyscze.

Matthew’s maternal grandmother was Theresa Patricia Mercurio (the daughter of Giacomo Mercurio and Florence Argentieri). Theresa was born in New York, to a father from Palermo, Sicily, Italy and a mother from Abruzzo, Italy. Florence was the daughter of Cesira.

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Jack Dylan Grazer

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Jack Dylan Grazer – The Paley Center for Media’s 11th Annual PaleyFest Fall TV Previews Los Angeles – CBS “Me, Myself and I” TV Series Premiere – Arrivals – The Paley Center for Media – Beverly Hills, CA, USA – Photo Credit: Guillermo Proano / PR Photos

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Date of Birth: September 3, 2003

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish (paternal grandmother), German, Irish, English, likely French

Jack Dylan Grazer is an American actor.

Jack is the son of Angela Krien “Angie” (Lafever) and actor/director Gavin V. Grazer. Jack’s uncle (father’s brother) is film and television producer Brian Grazer.

Jack’s mother and maternal grandfather are pictured here.

Jack’s paternal grandfather was Albert Thomas Grazer (the son of Albert Vincent Grazer and Helen O’Grady). Jack’s grandfather Albert was born in California, and was raised Catholic. Helen was the daughter of Canadian parents, of Irish descent, the daughter of Francis E. O’Grady.

Jack’s paternal grandmother was Arlyne/Arlene Becker (the daughter of Jack Becker and Sonia F. Neisloss). Arlyne was Jewish. Sonia was the daughter of Barnet Beryl Dov Neisloss, who was born in Dvinsk, Daugavpils, Latvia, and of Ida Zimerman.

Jack’s maternal grandfather is Howard Jack Lafever (the son of Lillard/Lilard Lee Lafever/Lofaver and Della Fisher). Lillard was born in Tennessee, the son of Maudy. Della was the daughter of James Fisher.

Jack’s maternal grandmother was Edna Krien Carter (the daughter of Willis Carter and Edna). Jack’s grandmother Edna was born in Tennessee.

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Asher Angel

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Asher Angel – “Beauty And The Beast” Los Angeles Premiere – Arrivals – El Capitan Theatre, 6838 Hollywood Boulevard – Los Angeles, CA, USA – Photo Credit: Izumi Hasegawa /

Birth Name: Asher Dov Angel

Date of Birth: September 6, 2002

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Asher Angel is an American actor and singer. He will star as Billy Batson in the superhero film Shazam.



Cassandra Clare

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Birth Name: Judith A. Rumelt

Place of Birth: Tehran, Iran

Date of Birth: July 27, 1973

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Cassandra Clare is an Iranian-born American writer.

Cassandra is the daughter of Elizabeth J. (Rosenberg) and Richard Post Rumelt. Cassandra’s parents are American and Jewish. Cassandra is married to Joshua Lewis.

Cassandra’s maternal grandfather was film producer Max J. Rosenberg (the son of Leon Rosenberg and Fanny). Max was born in New York, to parents from Latvia/Russia.

Cassandra’s maternal grandmother was named Isabel Weinstein.

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Photo by Joe Seer/