Sabrina Sato

by stlucas on January 25, 2017

Birth Name: Sabrina Sato Rahal

Place of Birth: Penápolis, São Paulo, Brazil

Date of Birth: October 4, 1981

Ethnicity: Brazilian (1/2 Japanese, 1/4 Swiss-German, 1/4 Lebanese)

Sabrina Sato is a Brazilian television presenter, actress, comedian, reporter, model, and television personality. She is also known for being a contestant on Big Brother Brasil 3, which aired in 2003.

Sabrina was born in Penápolis, São Paulo, the son of Aparecida Yukie “Kika” Sato and Omar Lortscher Rahal. She has a sister, Karina, and a brother, Karin. Sabrina’s parents are pictured here.

Sabrina’s paternal grandparents were Kemil Rahal and Rosa Lörtscher (the daughter of Amadeu Lörtscher and Ana). Kemil was Lebanese. Rosa was born in Bern, Switzerland, and moved to Brazil at around the age of 20. Rosa’s surname is of German origin.

Sabrina’s maternal grandparents were Sadao Sato (the son of Shiguezo Serizawa) and Luiza Hisae/Hissae. Sadao moved from Japan to Brazil with his parents and siblings in 1931. Luiza was born in Brazil, to Japanese parents.

Sources: http://www.lilianpacce.com.br (in Portuguese)
http://www.japao100.com.br (in Portuguese)

Immigration record of Sabrina’s paternal grandmother, Rosa (Lörtscher) Rahal – https://familysearch.org

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Paulo Nagamura

by stlucas on December 22, 2016

Birth Name: Paulo Roberto Corradi Nagamura

Place of Birth: São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

Date of Birth: March 2, 1983

Ethnicity: Brazilian (Japanese, Italian, possibly other)

Paulo Nagamura is a Brazilian retired soccer player.

Paulo was born in São Paulo, Brazil, the son of Jorge and Celia Nagamura. He has a sister, Renata. His parents’ surnames are of Italian and Japanese origin.

His father is pictured here.

Sources: http://www.angelsonparade.com

Photo by Photo Works/Bigstock.com


Luma Grothe

by stlucas on December 22, 2016

Place of Birth: Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Date of Birth: December 12, 1993

Ethnicity: Brazilian (German, Japanese, African, possibly other)

Luma Grothe is a Brazilian model. She was born in Joinville, Santa Catarina, the daughter of Luci Regis Machado and Maciel Grothe. She has a sister, Amanda.

Her surname, “Grothe”, is of German origin.

Regarding her ethnic background, she has stated:

I think in high school people always thought I was different than the others. There is this Brazilian type that is long straight hair, darker skin, kind of native looking, but I was always super different. People didn’t think I should be a model, they just thought I was different looking. I’m German, African and Japanese. My dad is a mix of German and Japanese and African, and my mom is German.

Her mother (left) and sister (middle) are pictured here.

Source: http://wwd.com

Photo by Prphotos.com


Daniel Matsunaga

by Manila on July 6, 2015

Birth Name: Daniel Kenji Matsunaga

Place of Birth: Brasilia, Brazil

Date of Birth: November 28, 1988

*Japanese (father)
*European-Brazilian (mother)

Daniel Matsunaga is a Brazilian model, actor, professional footballer, host, and businessperson. His father, Paulo Matsunaga, is of Japanese descent. His mother, Geralda María, is Brazilian.

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Marlon Teixeira

by Gurrl on July 19, 2014

Birth Name: Marlon Luiz Teixeira

Place of Birth: Santa Catarina, Brazil

Date of Birth: September 16, 1991

Ethnicity: Brazilian (Portuguese, 1/4 Japanese, 1/4 Indigenous)

Marlon Teixeira is a Brazilian model. He ranks number 7th on the Models.com list of the Top 50 international male models.

Marlon’s mother is named Claudia Regina Teixeira. Marlon’s biological father, Luiz Alberto, died when Marlon was one year old. He was then raised by his mother and stepfather, Delfim Mário de Pádua Peixoto Neto.

A picture of Marlon with his mother can be seen here.

Sources: http://www.out.com

Photo by Sara Cimino