Taron Egerton

Taron Egerton

Egerton in 2014, photo by Prphotos.com

Birth Name: Taron David Egerton

Place of Birth: Birkenhead, Cheshire, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 10 November, 1989

Ethnicity: English, Welsh, Irish

Taron Egerton is a Welsh actor. He is known for starring in the Kingsman and Sing franchises, as Gary “Eggsy” Unwin and Johnny the singing gorilla, respectively, as well as in the films Testament of Youth, Legend (2015), Eddie the Eagle, Billionaire Boys Club, Robin Hood (2018), Rocketman, and Tetris; and on the series The Smoke, Black Bird, and, in voice role, Watership Down (2018), Moominvalley, and The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

He was born in Birkenhead, Cheshire, England, to English parents from Liverpool. One of his grandmothers was Welsh. His father ran a bed-and-breakfast and his mother worked in social services. Taron was first raised around the Wirral, in England. His family later moved to Wales, first living in Anglesey, and later in Aberystwyth. His first name is a misspelling of Taran, Welsh for “thunder.” In an interview, Taran stated that he considers himself Welsh “through and through,” and that he speaks conversational Welsh (see here).

Egerton is Taron’s mother’s name.

Taron’s maternal grandfather was Thomas Henry Elliot Egerton (the son of Henry Samuel Elliott Egerton and Mary Elizabeth Rogers). Thomas was born in West Derby, Lancashire, England. Taron’s great-grandfather Henry was the son of Joseph Elliott Egerton and Jane Ellen Shaw. Mary Elizabeth was the daughter of Thomas Rogers, who was from Meath, Ireland, and of Mary Power, whose own parents were Robert Power and Ann Hanrahan, who was from Mayo, Ireland.

Taron’s maternal grandmother was Winifred Jean Pound (the daughter of John Pound and Ann Ashton). Winifred was born in West Derby, Lancashire, England. John was the son of John Pound and Alice Pilkington. Ann was the daughter of Henry Ashton and Mary.

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  1. Oaken05 says:

    Shouldn’t the first description read his paternal grandfather given that it’s tracing the Egerton line? As for the maternal grandmother description, this appears to be incorrect, too, as his mother’s name is Christina Pound, so the “Pound” would have to be his maternal grandfather, right?

    Finally, on what side of his family does the Welsh come in?

    • follers says:

      The descriptions are correct as they are.

      As for Welsh, Egerton has said that he has a Welsh grandmother, so I included it.

      • Oaken05 says:

        You say in the first part that his maternal grandparents are pounds, but then include them as Egertons. Do you not see what I’m saying? Egerton is his paternal side, correct? So then how can Thomas Henry Elliot Egerton be his maternal grandfather?

    • Oaken05 says:

      I’ve been able to find that one of his paternal great-great grandfather listed, Joseph Elliott Egerton, was born in Adavoyle in Ireland. It could be that the Egerton name was taken to Ireland, though, since it’s not a surname with origins in Ireland.

      I can find nothing on his mother’s Pounds, and the only thing I can find on her is that she’s remarried and Taron has half-siblings from her. It appears that his Welsh must come in through his mother’s side, because his father’s side seems to be English/Irish.

  2. hesh123 says:

    He speaks welsh?

  3. follers says:

    Ethnic, is there a picture, please?

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