African-Puerto Rican

Félix Trinidad

by dlxzvs on June 10, 2018

Birth Name: Félix Juan Trinidad García

Place of Birth: Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Date of Birth: January 10, 1973

Ethnicity: Puerto Rican

Félix Trinidad is a Puerto Rican professional boxer. He is the son of Irma Doris Trinidad and professional boxer Félix Trinidad, Sr.


Sunny Hostin

by stlucas on June 7, 2018

Sunny Hostin – Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame 27th Anniversary Gala – Arrivals – Grand Hyatt New York, 109 E 42nd Street – New York City, NY, USA – Photo Credit: Lisa Holte /

Birth Name: Asunción Cummings

Place of Birth: New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: October 20, 1968

*African-American (father)
*Puerto Rican (mother)

Sunny Hostin is an American lawyer, columnist, journalist, and social commentator.

Sunny is the daughter of Rosa Beza and William Cummings. Her father is African-American. Her mother is Puerto Rican. Sunny was raised in South Bronx. Sunny is married to orthopedic surgeon Emmanuel Hostin, with whom she has two children.

A DNA test whose results Sunny displayed on her Twitter page stated that Sunny’s genetic ancestry is:

*52.2% Sub-Saharan African
——–*46.9% West African
——–*2.6% Central & South African
——–*0.2% East African
——–*2.5% Broadly Sub-Saharan African
*36.8% European
——–*22% Southern European
————*9.2% Iberian
————*1.3% Italian
————*11.5% Broadly Southern European
——–*7.1% Northwestern European
————*1.6% British & Irish
————*5.5% Broadly Northwestern European
——–*1.1% Ashkenazi Jewish
——–*6.5% Broadly European
*8.3% East Asian & Native American
——–*6.5% Native American
——–*1.3% Southeast Asian
——–*0.5% Broadly East Asian & Native American
*1.1% Middle Eastern & North African
——–*1.1% North African
——–*<0.1% Broadly Middle Eastern & North African
*1.6% Unassigned

Sunny has stated that her maternal grandfather had Sephardi Jewish ancestry. Her DNA result included Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry, as well as other population matches that may be Sephardi (Broadly Southern European, North African, etc.).



Roberto Clemente

by bearboy on July 30, 2017

Birth Name: Roberto Enrique Clemente Walker

Place of Birth: Carolina, Puerto Rico

Date of Birth: August 18, 1934

Ethnicity: Afro-Puerto Rican

Roberto Clemente was a American professional baseball player. He spent eighteen years playing right field for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Roberto is the son of Luisa Walker and Don Melchor Clemente.



Ruby Modine

by stlucas on May 16, 2017

Birth Name: Ruby Wylder Rivera Modine

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: July 31, 1990

*English, some Swedish, Scottish, and German, distant Dutch (father)
*Puerto Rican [Spanish, African, possibly other] (mother)

Ruby Modine is an American actress, singer, and dancer.

Ruby is the daughter of Caridad (Rivera) and actor Matthew Modine. She has a brother, Boman. Her paternal great-aunt is actress Nola Fairbanks.

Ruby’s father is of English, one eighth Swedish, some Scottish and German, and distant Dutch, descent. Ruby’s mother is Puerto Rican.

Ruby has said:

I am very proud [of my descent]… Many people don’t believe that I am of black, Puerto Rican and Caucasian descent. That is why you cannot assume that you know what people are about based on what they look like. We are all a unique mix of races… My mom was born and raised on the Lower East Side in Manhattan, aka Alphabet City… My grandmother, Aida, was born in Puerto Rico, then moved to New York City with my grandfather, Manuel. They raised my mom and my six aunts there.

Ruby’s paternal grandfather was Mark Alexander Modine (the son of Alexander Revard Modine and Zella Vonola Fairbanks). Mark was born in California. Ruby’s great-grandfather Alexander was the son of Andrew Daniel Andreassan Modine, who was Swedish, born in South Hokaslatt, Slatthag, Kokaboda, and of Margaret Josephine Campbell. Zella was the daughter of Ralph Jacobus Fairbanks and Celestia Adelaide Johnson. Ruby’s great-great-grandfather Ralph Fairbanks was a noted pioneer and prospector, who established several towns in the Death Valley area of California.

Ruby’s paternal grandmother was Dolores Lillian Warner (the daughter of Lloyd Webster Warner and Lillian Augusta Bogart). Dolores was born in California. Lloyd was the son of William A. Warner and Bertha May Smith. Ruby’s great-grandmother Lillian was the daughter of William A. Bogart and Ethel F. Newell.

Ruby’s maternal grandparents are named Manuel Rivera and Aida.

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Photo by DFree/


Luis Fortuño

by Manila on August 20, 2016

Birth Name: Luis Guillermo Fortuño Burset

Place of Birth: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Date of Birth: October 31, 1960

Ethnicity: Puerto Rican (Spanish [including Canary Islander, Catalan, and Galician], some African), 1/16 Corsican

Luis Fortuño is a Puerto Rican politician. He served as the Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico, from January 3, 2005 to January 3, 2009, and the 10th Governor of Puerto Rico, from January 2, 2009 to January 2, 2013.

His father, Luis Fortuño Moscoso, is a dentist, frmo Caguas. His mother, Shirley Joyce Burset de Mari, was born in Yabucoa. He is married to lawyer Luz Eufemia “Lucé” Vela Gutiérrez.

Luis’ patrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his fifth great-grandfather, José Antonio Fortuño.

Luis’ paternal grandfather was Luis Fortuño y Álvarez (the son of Luis Fortuño y Nogeuras and Concepción Álvarez y López Arias). Luis’ great-grandfather Luis was the son of Spanish immigrant Jaime José Fortuño y Ferrús, of Benissanet, Tarragona, and of Tomasa Eduvigis Nogueras y López. Concepción was the daughter of Aureo Álvarez y Torres and Concepción López Arias y Cubelje.

Luis’ paternal grandmother was Delia María Moscoso y Vera (the daughter of Guillermo H. Moscoso y Rodríguez and Carmen María Vera y Riera). Luis’ great-grandfather Guillermo was the son of Spanish immigrants, Juan Francisco Moscoso y Carvajal and Carmen María Rodríguez y González, both of Santa Cruz de La Palma, Province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Luis’ great-grandmother Carmen was the daughter of Tomás Carlos Vera y Ithier and María Ana Riera y Palmer; María Ana’s father, Mariano Riera y Palmer, was a Spanish immigrant, from Ibiza, Balearic Islands.

Luis’ maternal grandfather was Zoilo José Rafael Burset y Angüita (the son of José Burset y Masferrer and María Concepción Angüita y Ruiz). Luis’ great-grandfather José was born in Marín, Pontevedra, Spain, to Martín Burset y Romero and María de las Mercedes Masferrer y Berrios. Concepción was the daughter of Zoilo Angüita y Berrios and Dolores Ruiz y Pérez.

Luis’ maternal grandmother was María de Mari y Medina (the daughter of Jean-François de Mari, or Juan Francisco de Mari y de Mari in Spanish, and of Carmen Medina y Muñiz). Jean-François was born in Marseille, France, to Antoine de Mari (or Antonio de Mari y Olivieri in Spanish) and Toussainte-Marie de Mari (or María de Mari y Cervoni in Spanish). Luis’ great-grandmother Carmen was the daughter of José Antonio Medina y Cruz and Cristina Muñiz y Giménez.

Luis’ matrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his third great-grandmother, Carmen Giménez, of Morovis.

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