John Corbett

John Corbett ethnicity

Birth Name: John Joseph Corbett

Place of Birth: Wheeling, West Virginia, U.S.

Date of Birth: May 9, 1961

*English, Irish, possibly other (father)
*Lithuanian, Ashkenazi Jewish (mother)

John Corbett is is an American actor and country music singer.

John is the son of Sandy and John Marshall Corbett. He has said:

I was raised Catholic and I was an altar boy, though my father was a Jehovah’s Witness and my mother was Jewish. I become a born-again Christian for a short time in the ’80s; I’ve been to some Buddhist temples. I don’t have any labels on me now…

His father’s background is English, Irish, and possibly other. John’s maternal grandfather was of Russian Jewish descent, and John’s maternal grandmother’s parents were Lithuanian (and evidently Catholic, as her own parents are buried with a cross on their grave; see here). However, John has said that his maternal grandmother “was a Great Russian Jewish woman named Eldoris,” so it is possible that John’s maternal grandmother converted to Judaism.

John’s paternal grandfather was Thomas Joseph Corbett (the son of John Emmett Corbett and Lucinda K./Catherine Britton). Thomas was born in Ohio. John’s great-grandfather John Corbett was the son of Harrison Taylor Corbett and Viva L. King. Lucinda was the daughter of John Bunyan Britton and Martha Jane/Ann Connor/Conners.

John’s paternal grandmother was named Mildred Mae Wilkins. Mildred was born in West Virginia.

John’s maternal grandfather was Nathan Pavilack (the son of David Paviletzky/Pavilack and Lena Shapiro/Shapier). Nathan was born in Pennsylvania, to parents from the Russian Empire. David was born in Kiev, the son of Leib/Louis Paviletzky and Bessie Lakuski. Lena was also born in Kiev, the daughter of Isreal Azreal Neffevah Shapiro.

John’s maternal grandmother was Eldoris/Eldora Helen Beringo/Berringo (the daughter of Albert Joseph Beringo/Berringo and Eldoris/Aldona Bennett). John’s grandmother Eldoris was born in Pennsylvania, to parents from Lithuania.

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  1. madman says:

    Bablah, you should take a look at John’s maternal grandmother’s ancestry.

    • bablah says:

      They look Lithuanian. Albert’s place of birth is Salon on WW2 draft records, which I assume is actually Šiauliai. Eldora’s first name also appears as Aldona which is a Lithuanian name. Her last name could have been originally Benetis (Benetyte, since she’s female).

  2. andrew says:

    more info follers?

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