Jake Auchincloss

Birth Name: Jacob Daniel Auchincloss

Place of Birth: Newton, Massachusetts, U.S.

Date of Birth: January 29, 1988

*father – English, as well as Dutch, Scottish, Northern Irish, and Irish, remote Welsh, German, French Huguenot, Jersey Channel Islander, and Polish
*mother – Ashkenazi Jewish

Jake Auchincloss is an American politician and businessperson. A member of the Democratic Party, he has served as a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Massachusetts, since January 3, 2021. He is a U.S. Marine.

Jake is the son of physician and scientist Laurie Glimcher, and Hugh Auchincloss, Jr., who is also a doctor. Jake is married to Michelle Gattineri, with whom he has three children.

His father is from a prominent, upper-class WASP family. His mother is Jewish. Jake was raised in his mother’s faith.

Jake’s patrilineal line can be traced to Hugh Auchincloss, who was born, c. 1780, in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland, and to Hugh’s wife Ann Anthony Stuart, from Pennsylvania. The surname is derived from a part of Ayrshire known as Auchincloich, Scottish Gaelic for “field of stones.”

Jake’s paternal grandfather was Hugh D. Auchincloss (the son of Dr. Hugh Dudley Auchincloss and Frances Coverdale Newlands). Jake’s grandfather Hugh was born in New York. Jake’s great-grandfather Hugh was a prominent surgeon, and was the son of Edgar Stirling Auchincloss and Maria La Grange “Maggie” Sloan, whose father was from Lisburne, County Down, Ireland. Frances was born in Canada, and was the daughter of William Newlands and Alma Creighton.

Jake’s paternal grandmother was Katharine Lawrence (Bundy) Auchincloss (the daughter of Harvey Hollister Bundy and Katherine Lawrence Putnam). Jake’s grandmother Katharine was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and held leadership roles in educational and cultural institutions. She was the sister of attorney and intelligence expert William Bundy, who was Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, from March 16, 1964 to May 4, 1969; and of academic McGeorge Bundy, who was U.S. National Security Advisor, to the President, from January 20, 1961 to February 28, 1966. Jake’s great-grandfather Harvey was an attorney, who served as special assistant to the Secretary of War, Henry L. Stimson, during World War II. He was the son of McGeorge Bundy, a lawyer, and of Mary Goodhue Hollister. McGeorge’s father, Jake’s great-great-great-grandfather, attorney and politician Solomon Bundy, was a Republican Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from New York, from March 4, 1877 to March 3, 1879.

Jake’s great-grandmother Katherine Lawrence Putnam was the daughter of William Lowell Putnam, a lawyer and banker, and of Elizabeth Lowell Putnam, an activist for prenatal care and philanthropist. The two were third cousins, and both descended from the prominent Lowell family of Massachusetts. Elizabeth was the daughter of industrialist, philanthropist, horticulturist, and civic leader Augustus Lowell, Jake’s great-great-great-grandfather. Jake’s great-great-grandmother Elizabeth was also the sister of astronomer Percival Lowell, educator and legal scholar A. Lawrence Lowell, who was President of Harvard University, from 1909 to 1933, and imagist school poet Amy Lowell. Through his Lowell line, Jake is also a fourth cousin, three times removed, of New England poet Robert Lowell.

Jake’s maternal grandfather was Melvin J. Glimcher (Melvin Jacob Glimcher, the son of Aron/Aaron Glimcher and Clara Finkelstein). Melvin was born in Massachusetts, to Polish Jewish parents. He was a pioneer in the development of artificial limbs. Aaron was the son of Barnet Glimcher and Molly Burniss. Clara was born in Annopol’, Khmelnystskyi, Ukraine, the daughter of Nathan/Norman Finkelstein and Sophie/Sarah Sheinfine/Sheinfield.

Jake’s maternal grandmother was Geraldine Lee Bogolub (the daughter of Herman Louis Bogolub and Mollie Fineberg). Geraldine was born in Illinois, to Russian Jewish parents. Herman was born in Nessin.

Jake is a third cousin, once removed, of actor and filmmaker Burr Steers. Jake’s great-great-great-grandparents, John L. Auchincloss and Elizabeth Buck, were also Burr’s maternal great-great-grandparents. He is also a fourth cousin of soccer player Alexi Lalas. Jake’s paternal great-great-great-grandparents, Solomon Bundy and Elizabeth Ann McGeorge, were also Alexi’s maternal great-great-great-grandparents.

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    4th cousin of Alexi Lalas (through Solomon Bundy and Elizabeth Ann Mcgeorge)

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