Atticus Shaffer

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Birth Name: Atticus William Shaffer

Place of Birth: June 19, 1998

Date of Birth: Santa Clarita, California

Ethnicity: Italian (paternal grandmother), Polish (maternal grandmother), German, Swiss-French, French (including French-Canadian), English

Atticus Shaffer is an American actor. His father is of half Italian descent, and his mother is of half Polish ancestry. His other roots include German, Swiss-French, French/French-Canadian, and English.

On his father’s side, Atticus is the grandson of Roy Edward Shaffer, Sr. (the son of William Albert Shaffer and Helen Pearson) and Annena Jeroma Perrelle (the daughter of Fortunato Dominic Perrelle and Maria/Mary Antonia Caruso). Roy’s ancestry is German and English. Annena was the daughter of Italian immigrants, from Reggio, Calabria.

On his mother’s side, Atticus is the grandson of Kenneth Robert Solgot/Salgat (the son of Henry Solgot and May Cotterel) and Wanda Mary Jankowski (the daughter of Walter Jankowski and Anna Marie Goletz). Kenneth had Swiss-French (from the Solgot surname), German, French (including French-Canadian), and English, ancestry. Wanda was the daughter of Polish immigrants.

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