Yeng Constantino

Birth Name: Josephine Eusebio Constantino

Place of Birth: Rodriguez, Rizal, Philippines

Date of Birth: December 4, 1988

Ethnicity: Filipino [Bicolano, Tagalog]

Yeng Constantino is a Filipina singer, songrwriter, and actress.

She is the daughter of Susan Satur Eusebio and Joselito Constantino Fernández, or Joselito Fernández Constantino in Filipino. She is married to musician Victor “Yan” Asuncion.

Yeng’s paternal grandfather was José “Pepito” Constantino de la Cruz (or José de la Cruz Constantino in Filipino, the son of Petronilo Constantino Gonzáles, or Petronilo Gonzáles Constantino in Filipino, and of Vicenta de la Cruz Rivera, or Vicenta Rivera de la Cruz in Filipino). Petronilo was born in Angat, Bulacan, to Tranquilino Constantino and Pilar Gonzáles. Vicenta was born in Angat, the daughter of Luis de la Cruz and Juana Rivera.

Yeng’s paternal grandmother was named Josefina Fernández Bautista (or Josefina Bautista Fernández in Filipino, the daughter of parents surnamed Fernández and Bautista).

Yeng’s maternal grandfather was named Evaristo Mimaje/Minsay/Nimay Eusebio (the son of parents surnamed Eusebio and Mimaje/Minsay/Nimay).

Yeng’s maternal grandmother was named Leonida Cano Sator/Satur (the daughter of parents surnamed Sator/Satur and Cano).

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