Tyler Mullen

Birth Name: Tyler James Mullen

Place of Birth: Manchester, Connecticut, U.S.

Date of Birth: September 25, 1982

*father – one half Italian, one quarter Irish, one quarter French-Canadian
*mother – mainly German, some English, 1/16th Irish

Tyler Mullen is a musician known for band Year of the Knife.

Tyler’s paternal grandfather was Donald R. Mullen (the son of James Davis Mullen and Marion Marie Martineau). James was of Irish descent. Marion was French-Canadian.

Tyler’s paternal grandmother was Marie T. Zuccaro (the daughter of Geicinto Zuccaro and Theresa Pietrandrea). Marie’s parents were Italian.

Tyler’s maternal grandfather was Donald Graf (the son of Christian G. Graef and Katherine Bergold). Christian was born in New York, the son of Frederick C. Graef, whose parents were German, and of Elizabeth Clair, who was English.

Tyler’s maternal grandmother was Marie Jeanne Patricia Ross (the daughter of Preston J. Ross and Violet M. Bolduc). Preston was born in Maine, the son of Fred Birdsell Ross and Alice McNamee. Alice’s father, John Henry McNamee, was Irish.

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