Tom Felton

Felton in 2012, photo by PR Photos

Birth Name: Thomas Andrew Felton

Place of Birth: Surrey Mid Eastern, Surrey, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 22 September, 1987

Ethnicity: English

Tom Felton is an English actor and musician. He is known for playing Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films. Tom and his brother Chris founded the World Junior Carp Tournament.

Tom’s paternal grandfather is named Frederick A. Felton (who possibly was the son of Florence Rossberg). Frederick was born in Hastings, Sussex, England.

Tom’s paternal grandmother is named Heather Wingfield.

Tom’s maternal grandfather is geophysicist Nigel Anstey (Nigel Allister G. Anstey, the son of Colman G. Anstey and Hylda M. White). Nigel was born in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England.

Tom’s maternal grandmother is Wendy Lindell (the daughter of Ronald Severin Frank Lindell and Dorothy Phyllis Thomas). Wendy was born in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England. Ronald was the son of Charles Frederick Lindell and Mary Ann Smith. Dorothy was the daughter of Frank Thomas and Clara Ann Pridham.

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  1. jackson9 says:

    Tom Felton’s paternal grandfather Frederick A. Felton’s mother’s name was Florence Rossberg. Although she was born in England in 1886 could this indicate a distinctly German surname, or at very least non-English one?

    • madman says:

      Interesting. How do you know you have the right person as his grandfather? Another ancestry-tree I can’t access?

      There are three Frederick A. Felton born around the right time in England, and the one with a Rossberg mother was born closest to where Tom’s grandparents married (often but not always a good clue), so it’s plausible he was Tom’s grandfather.

      There was a Florence Rossberg, born in 1885 in London, who had a German father.

      • jackson9 says:

        At least one of the public trees has Frederick A. Felton (1918) listed with Heather Wingfield (his spouse) and there his mother Florence Rossberg, but I believe I found it on a official record.

        • madman says:

          Does the tree mention Frederick’s father? I can’t find his parents’ marriage record anywhere. The Florence Rossberg in England married in 1909 but to someone else. I assume he was illegitimate, assuming everything is correct.

          On another note, it would be helpful if you always state your source when you comment, that way it’s easier for others to continue researching.

          • jackson9 says:

            No I don’t know Fredericks father and sure buddy, if you have any knowledge of Milo Yiannapolis btw I have been dying to know if the Jewish thing is true.

          • madman says:

            Milo’s mother’s maiden name is Baker and he has said that his mother is German. While I don’t know, or think, that she was from Germany (Baker just seems English), I do believe that there’s some German ancestral connection in some way. If he has Jewish ancestry or not is impossible for us even to speculate about.

  2. Adamina says:

    He reminds me of young Sean Penn sometimes

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