Stuart Rose

"Brighton Rock" UK Premiere - Arrivals

Rose in 2011, photo by

Birth Name: Stuart Alan Ransom-Rose

Place of Birth: Gosport, Hampshire, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 17 March, 1949

*father – Russian, likely German
*mother – English, Scottish, Greek

Stuart Rose is a British businessperson. He was executive chairman of Marks & Spencer. He was knighted for his services to the retail industry, and created a Life Peer, taking the title Baron Rose of Monewden, of Monewden in the County of Suffolk.

Stuart’s father was Harry Rose (born as Igor Bryantzeff), the son of Vsevolod Bryantzeff and Eugenia. The Bryantseffs were White Russians who fled to China after the Revolution of 1917. Harry was unofficially adopted by an English Quaker spinster, who offered to take him to safety in England as war loomed. Vsevolod was born as Edgar Rose, in Reval, Russian Empire (now Tallin, Estonia), and was likely of Baltic German descent. Eugenia was Russian.

Stuart’s mother, Peggy (Fulton), was born and brought up in Egypt, and was of English, Scottish, and Greek ancestry.

Stuart has two children with his former wife Jennifer Cook.

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