Marcus Johns

Birth Name: Marcus David Johns

Place of Birth: Miami, Florida, U.S.

Date of Birth: April 11, 1993

Ethnicity: English, Irish, German, Scottish, 1/16th Greek, French, distant Basque

Marcus Johns is an American actor.

He is the son of Holly and David Johns. His brother is actor Cody Johns. Marcus is married to Kristin Lauria.

Marcus’ paternal grandfather was George Roscoe Johns, Jr. (the son of George Rescoe Johns, Sr. and Thelma Vernell Burton). Marcus’ grandfather George was born in Virginia. Marcus’ great-grandfather George was born in Virginia, the son of Peter Johns, who was born in Samos, Greece, and of and Martha Foreman. Thelma was born in Virginia, and likely was the daughter of John W. Burton and Annie.

Marcus’ paternal grandmother was named Ruth LaVerne.

Marcus’ maternal grandfather was John Raymond Barlett (the son of Harry Austin Barlett and Mary Alice Cloud). John was born in Texas. Harry was born in Wellesley, Ontario, Canada, the son of Henry Charles Barlett, whose parents were German, and of Marguerith/Margaret Jane Rogers, whose father was Irish. Mary Alice was born in Louisiana, the daughter of James Cloud and Rose Cuculler/Cucullu, and was listed as “French” on John’s birth record. The surname Cuculler, originally spelt Cucullu, has origins in the Basque Country, and can be traced back to Manuel Simon de Cucullu, Jr., who was born, c. 1760, in Plentzia, Basque Country, Spain, and moved to New Orleans.

Marcus’ maternal grandmother was Donna Marie Davidson (the daughter of Dwight L. Davidson and Helen Marie Comer). Donna was born in Tennessee. Dwight was born in Tennessee, the son of Horace Walter Davidson and Martha Elizabeth Anderson. Helen was born in Tennessee, the daughter of Watt E. Comer and Edith N. Lyles.

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    Maternal grandfather was John Raymond Barlett, son of Harry Austin Barlett and Mary Alice Cloud:

    Harry was born in Wellesley, Ontario to Henry Charles Barlett and Marguerith/Margaret Rogers. Henry was born in Germany, while Margaret was born in Ontario.

    Mary Alice Cloud was likely born in Louisiana to James Cloud and Rose Cuculler/Cucullu. She is described as French on the birth record of John Barlett. Cucullu is a Basque last name.

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