Simon Bird

Birth Name: Simon Antony Bird

Place of Birth: Guildford, Surrey South Western, Surrey, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 19 August, 1984

Ethnicity: English

Simon Bird is an English actor and comedian. He is the son of Heather and Graham Bird. A picture of Simon’s father can be seen here.

While he plays a Jewish character on the series Friday Night Dinner, Simon himself is not of Jewish background.

Simon is married to Lisa Owens, with whom he has two children.

Simon’s maternal grandparents are named Ernest G. Gage and Hazel M. Robinson.

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  1. FrogMarch says:

    One photo of Simon Bird and all of the anthro experts come out here and opine like demented Hitler Youth “race experts” in 1937.
    I could easily post alternative photos of Bird without the stubble and thick glasses in different lighting conditions and he looks much, much, less “exotic.”
    No disrespect to the owner of this site, but you know that your comments sections are largely filled with racists and ignoramuses, why don’t you choose to post multiple photos of individual celebrities that are in different lighting conditions?
    Also, why don’t you moderate your comments section?
    This is supposedly a forum about celebrities and their genealogy, but your comments section largely reads like a Stormfront thread….
    One of your posters had it correct, posting any dweeb looking white guy with a stubble beard in shitty lighting conditions will make him look “Jewish” or “Mediterranean.”
    Fact is though Simon bird is just an English actor that makes a living playing a geeky little guy, and most of his stock photos are just him in persona.

  2. typepope says:

    Nerdy white guy with a stubbly beard.
    Let the trolling commence…
    Moving on…

  3. Hill says:

    uhm he’s not English.

  4. Olivers says:

    He doesn’t look English at all in my opinion

    • Check7t says:

      He looks Med, but that’s not odd at all for people of British Isles extraction (Orlando Bloom, Russell Brand, Colin Farrell, Cheryl Cole, Catherine Zeta Jones, Dominic Cooper, etc) you get the point.

      • J.J. says:

        i find it funny how you’re so defensive about english people with extremely dark features being “med stock” and usually when it’s about dark features it’s not hazel light brown eyes and brown hair like lily allen, it’s very dark brown eyes and dark brown hair which is according to you not uncommon in the british isles. English blood is predominately germanic and celtic and dark traits are not native to either of those people, those who chose to debate celtics had dark features are mistaken as if they did then majority of the british isles would have dark features not light features, fair enough you will get brits with dark hair and/or brown eyes but when germanic or celtic people have very dark brown eyes like this chap it does raise questions of their complete ancestry, you can’t keep using the excuse of the “med phenotype” because guess what? Mediterraneans can have light hair, light eyes and fair skin, look at this woman who’s predominately Italian with slight english blood

        so how can this bloke be undebatably 100% english with the excuse of being “med type” when that woman is predominately med with slight british and has light eyes and fair skin, not to mention she looks completely different to this bloke. Sometimes you have except that people have unknown/hidden ancestry which are obvious in their looks but are never found out

    • romanticcelt says:

      He looks like John Oliver.

    • typepope says:

      Iranian Jews are Mizrahi Jews, not Sephardi.
      Many people in the British Isles have his look.
      He’s a nerdy and unshaven white guy, and you’re a sub-moron.

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