Sasha Lane

Lane in 2016, photo by kathclick/

Birth Name: Sasha Bianca Lane

Place of Birth: Houston, Harris, Texas, U.S

Date of Birth: September 29, 1995

*father – African-American
*mother – English, Scottish, French, some German, Italian, and Belgian Flemish, distant Sorbian and Russian, possibly Māori

Sasha Lane is an American actress.

She was born in Houston, Harris, Texas, the daughter of Judith and Kenneth Lane. Her father is African-American. Her mother is a New Zealander. Sasha was raised in Frisco, Texas.

Her father is pictured here. Her mother is pictured here.

Sasha has said:

My mother is Māori, from New Zealand, and my father is black. I grew up with a lot of black people.

Sasha’s paternal grandmother was named Lizzie Lane.

Sasha’s maternal grandfather was named John Stanley D’Arcy Tuck. John was born in Taumarunui.

Sasha’s maternal grandmother likely is Denise Lesley Morris (the daughter of Harold Lesley Morris and Winifred Ann Roucher). Harold was the son of Frederick Ernest Morris, whose father was from Lewes, Sussex, England and whose mother was from Cornwall, England; and of Emma Matuschka, whose parents were from Germany, her father from Brandenburg and her mother, who had Sorbian ancestry, from Osnabruck. Winifred was the daughter of Louis Roucher and Frances Mary Jane “Sissy” Stokes, whose mother was from Kent, England.


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  1. comrade says:

    New description should be:

    *African-American (father)
    *English, Scottish, French, some German, some Italian, distant Flemish, distant Sorbian, distant Māori (unconfirmed), distant Russian (mother)

  2. comrade says:

    Anna Domaschenz’ parents were Christian Domaschenz and Elisa Albin Salman both from Werben, Brandenburg, Prussia. Martin Matuschka’s parents were Christian Matuschka and Maria Petatz both from Drewitz, Brandenburg, Prussia.

    Also: Louis Roucher (aka Lewis/Louis Roucher/Reucher) is stated to come from Midhurst, Taranaki, NZ in his will (instead of Sydney) but he disappears from records before 1896. Louis Roucher might have been Louis Pierre Roucher born 1868 in Marçay, Vivône, La Vienne, France to Louis Roucher and Marie Bejonneau.

  3. comrade says:

    I’m 98% certain that her mother, Judith Tuck was the daughter of John Stanley D’Arcy Tuck and Denise Lesley Morris.

    John Stanley D’Arcy Tuck was born in Taumarunui, just like Judith and his obituary mentions that he has seven daughters one of them named Judith.

    Sasha mentioned that her mother has Māori ancestry but sadly I can’t seem to find any evidence of that. Unless I’m wrong and John Stanley D’Arcy Tuck isn’t Judith Marice Tuck’s father but looking at the picture of Sasha’s mother she doesn’t really look that Māori to me. She looks more white and resembles John Stanley D’Arcy Tuck in my opinion. There is still a chance that there’s a small percentage of Māori on Mary Alice Gardner’s side but it’s unlikely.

    John Stanley D’Arcy Tuck’s parents were Stanley Palmer Tuck and Margherita Ethel D’Arcy.

    Stanley Palmer Tuck was the son of John Thomas Tuck and Mary Alice Gardner.

    John Thomas Tuck’s parents were John Robert Tuck from Happisburgh, Norfolk, UK and Isabella Gray Morton from Lanarkshire, Scotland.

    Margherita Ethel D’Arcy (aka Stella Margaret Ethel Patricia D’Arcy) was the daughter of Herbert Henry D’Arcy and Margherita Paulina De Cortando.

    Margherita De Cortando was the daughter of Cecil Augustus Victor Hotezzi de Cortando, baron von Blaremberg who came from Oldenburg in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, and Elizabeth Mantel from Bedfordshire, England.

    Herbert D’Arcy’s parents were Thomas Charles D’Arcy from Durham, England and Margaret Mary Dorreen. Margaret Dorreen was the daughter of Thomas Dorreen and Janette Love from Scotland.

    Mary Alice Gardner’s parents were Christopher Palmer Gardner and Isabella Duncan.

    Sasha’s maternal grandmother was Denise Lesley Morris. Denise was the daughter of Harold Lesley Morris and Winifred Ann Roucher.

    Harold’s parents were Frederick Ernest Morris and Emma Matuschka. Frederick was the son of Cornelius Morris from Lewes, Sussex, England and Susan Webster from Cornwall, England.

    Emma was the daughter of Martin Matuschka from Brandenburg, Germany and Anna Domaschenz from Osnabruck, Germany.

    Winifred’s parents were Louis Roucher from Sydney, Australia and Frances Mary Jane (Sissy) Stokes.

    Frances (Sissy) Stokes was the daughter of Henry Stokes from Papanui, New Zealand and Harriet Jane Fletcher from Kent, England.

    Henry Stokes was the son of William Stokes and Sarah Ann Ward both from Branston, Leicestershire, UK.

    Sasha’s paternal grandparents were Courtney Lane Jr. and Lizzie Elma Lewis.
    Courtney Jr. was the son of Courtney Lane Sr. and I. V. Adams from Louisiana.

    Courtney Lane Sr. was the son of Bias/Byas/Byice Lane from De Soto, Louisiana and Mariah/Marioh/Martha Shannon, who was born in Grand Cane, Louisiana.

    Bias’ mother was Easter/Hester Lane who came from Lowndes, Georgia. Bias’ father was an unknown man from Alabama. Both Bias Lane and Mariah Shannon’s families were descendants of slaves that worked for the Shannon family perhaps under Captain James Harrison Shannon.

    Lizzie Elma Lewis’ parents were Hillary/Hillery R. Lewis and Ella Vinnie Jackson. Hillary Lewis was the son of Judge Lewis/Lewes and Elizabeth (Lizzie) Edwards from Coldspring, Texas. Judge Lewis was the son of Albert Lewis and Eliza Reece both from Alabama.

    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Edwards’ parents were Frank Edwards from Seminole, Florida and Amanda Nickerson from Louisiana.

    Ella Vinnie Jackson’s parents were Pat and Ida Jackson from San Jacinto, Texas.


    John Stanley D’Arcy Tuck’s obituary:
    Genealogy of John Stanley D’Arcy Tuck:
    Genealogy of John Thomas Tuck:
    Margherita Ethel D’Arcy’s grave:
    Grave of Cecil de Cortando von Blaramburg:
    Genealogy of Frances (Sissy) Stokes:
    Capt. James H. Shannon:
    Grave of Mary Alice Gardner:

    • bablah says:

      That is 100% her grandfather.

      • comrade says:

        How do you know?

        • bablah says:

          Well, for starters, her brother’s middle name is d’Arcy. Second, Sasha is facebook friends with Denise and all the aunts mentioned in the obituary.

          • comrade says:

            I guess that sorts it. J S D’Arcy Tuck is 100% her grandfather.

            More info:

            Cecil Augustus Victor Hotezzi de Cortando, baron von Blaremberg (aka Cecil Augustus Curtis) was the son of Reginald von Blaramberg and and Vittoria Alma Cortando. Vittoria was of minor Italian nobility.

            Reginald descended from French-Russian-German nobility and Flemish painters. The name ‘von Blaramberg’ originated in Flanders as ‘van Blarenberghe’.

            Elizabeth Pauline Adele Mantell was the daughter of John Mantel and Sarah Watson from Bedford, England.


            Van Blarenberghe family:
            Article that confirms that J S D’Arcy Tuck is indeed Judith Tuck’s father:
            Elizabeth Mantell on 1851 census:

            I guess this means that there’s no Māori in Sasha’s DNA. I wonder why they said they were part Māori? (maybe there is still some māori in there but a very veeeeery small part, less that 1/16th probably)

            So besides the fragment of māori, this means that Sasha is English, Scottish, German, Italian, French, Flemish and Russian on her mother’s side.

          • bablah says:

            Matuschka and Domaschenz families are likely of Sorbian descent. I can’t really provide an evidence, but both last names are listed on the lists of Sorbian immigrants to Australia (and they’re obviously Slavic names). Osnabruck would be a rather peculiar place of origin for a Sorbian family, but all the other Domaschenzs in Australia are from much further east.

    • andrew says:

      her mother:

      if her full genealogy is done, it would be easy to verify the Maori thing.

      • comrade says:

        The only missing links on her mother’s side are Louis Roucher who disappears from records before 1896 but I think he emigrated to NZ in 1896 from Sydney, AUS. (immigration record for Roucher:

        So I don’t think Louis Roucher was Māori, he was probably french.

        The other missing links are Mary Alice Gardner’s parents: Christopher Palmer Gardner and Isabella Duncan. Mary Alice Gardner doesn’t look that Māori to me. (Mary Alice: She has blue eyes. For Mary Alice to have been Māori and have blue eyes, her mother/father would have at least been mixed race maori. If Mary Alice was part Māori then she could’ve only been a quarter Māori. Which means that Sasha is only 1.5% (or less) Māori.

        Other than that, Sasha’s maternal ancestors all come from Europe.

        • andrew says:

          It’s possible that Frenchman married a Maori woman, that was pretty common

          Sasha’s mother looks somewhat kinda exotic to me, and a lot better looking than her daughter (my opinion).

          Blue eyes or not, who cares. Look at those blue-eyed African-Americans (who have solid Euro admin, hence the reason).

          Look at All Blacks Maori team, several “Pakeha” looking fellas who need to have at least 1/16 documented Maori ancestry.

          • comrade says:

            It’s true there were a lot of french pakeha whalers that intermarried with māori women but Louis Roucher’s wife was Sissy Stokes who’s grandparents and mother were born in England. So, Sissy Stokes wasn’t Māori.

            I wouldn’t say that Sasha’s mother looks exotic (her mother looks different here:, she just has dark hair and tanned skin. Not everyone that is a bit tanned is necessarily māori. I think it’s more likely that her mothers complexion comes from the Italian and Sorbian side. Which IS in her family tree.

            The other unconfirmed side was:

            Christopher Palmer Gardner 1828-1916 and Isabella Reid Duncan 1834-1915 who both died at Herekino, NZ.

            There’s loads of Isabella Duncans born in 1834 in Scotland but none in New Zealand and Isabella and Christopher are both listed on the ‘normal’ census and not the māori census. Christopher is mentioned as ‘settler’ on the 1911 census.
            So, I guess they’re not māori either.

            If you go back to my original comment you can see I researched every line and they all come from Europe.

            Don’t get me wrong, I wanted her to be Māori, it’s just that she isn’t. There’s no Māori.

            (My theory as to why they thought they were Māori is:

            Sasha’s maternal great-great-great-grandmother Elizabeth Mantell’s distant cousin was Walter Mantell (, he was the Minister of Māori Affairs and spoke Māori but he wasn’t Māori himself. His father was an English man, Gideon Mantell, who discovered the Iguanadon.)

  4. bablah says:

    Kenneth Lane and Judith ->Kenneth Wayne Lane and Judith Marice Tuck.

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