Mace Coronel

Coronel in 2016, photo by kathclick/

Place of Birth: New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 10, 2004

*father – Sephardi Jewish, Aruban, Surinamese
*mother – French-Canadian, other

Mace Coronel is an American actor. His roles include the shows Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn and That ’90s Show.

He is the son of performer Grace “Bambi Jr.” Morley and fitness trainer Marc Coronel.

Mace’s father is of Dutch Sephardi Jewish descent from one side of his family, having described himself as a Sephardi Jew. The Coronel family is a Sephardi family in the Netherlands. Mace’s paternal grandmother is Aruban, with indigenous, African, and Chinese ancestry. Mace’s father also has roots in Suriname.

Mace’s mother is of part French-Canadian descent.

A picture of Mace’s Aruban great-grandmother can be seen here, and a picture of one of Mace’s Aruban great-great-grandmothers can be seen here.

Mace’s maternal grandfather is sometimes said to have been Artie Brooks (Arthur M. Brooks). Artie was a comedian in Las Vegas. He was likely the son of Arthur Brooks and Marjorie Maige. Marjorie was the daughter of Patrick John Michkevich/Maige and Nellie Sylvia Smelstotis/Smelstoris, who were Lithuanian. Mace’s maternal grandmother was also evidently married to a man surnamed Moehrle, which is said to be Mace’s mother’s maiden name.

Mace’s maternal grandmother is Bambi Jones, also known as Doris Kotzan (born Doris Shirley Rozelle, the daughter of Frank Rozelle/Rozell and Grazyella A. Labrecque). Bambi is a dancer and author, described as the original Burlesque dancer. She is of French-Canadian descent. Frank was the son of Joseph Alexander Rozelle and Olivine Bousquet/Busquet. Grace was the daughter of Honore Labrecque and Angelina Robitaille.

Mace has also stated:

My family’s blood is from Suriname, and for most people who don’t know, the Dutch colonised Suriname a very long time ago. It used to be a slave-trading island, and that’s basically where all my culture comes from. I speak and write in Dutch. I’ve learned from a young age through my father and his side of the family; Dutch has always been a language that is spoken in my household. My family from Suriname hold Dutch passports and they thought it was really important for me to get my Dutch passport…

A DNA test Mace’s father posted of his own grandmother on Instagram stated that her genetic ancestry is:

*39.5% Chinese
*31.7% Ghanaian/Liberian/Sierra Leonean
*8.7% Vietnamese
*4.6% Nigerian
*3.6% Broadly West African
*2.4% Broadly Chinese and South-East Asian


Obituary of Artie Brooks, Sr. –

6 Responses

  1. madman says:

    “My family’s blood is from Suriname.”

    I’ve seen it written that his father’s relatives simply moved to Aruba. Maybe he doesn’t have any ancestry from there.

  2. mmessina92 says:

    His Aruban great grandmother’s DNA test according to his father’s Instagram story:

    39.5% Chinese, 31.7% Ghanaian/Liberian/Sierra Leonean, 8.7% Vietnamese, 4.6% Nigerian, 3.6% Broadly West African, 2.4% Broadly Chinese and SE Asian.

    This equals only about 90% so I presume the rest might be European, but it makes him just under 5% African and just over 6% East Asian.

  3. madman says:

    His grandmother has written:
    “I was married to Artie Brooks, and lived in Vegas for many years..Artie was a standup comic/singer, and I was a dancer so we are familiar with your incredible career.. My daughter is Bambi, Jr. who was a Vegas Entertainer..”

    In his great-grandfather’s obituary (who died in 1965, the year after his mother was born), his grandmother’s name is Doris Moehrle. It also says she lived in Atlanta, Georgia.

    In his grandmother’s marriage record with her other husband, Charles Kotzan, in 1981 in Nevada, his grandmother’s name is also Doris B. Moehrle.

    I still can’t find anything about a man surnamed Moehrle though. If the man exists, and his grandmother was married to Artie for “many years”, then she and Artie were married when she was in her 20’s.

  4. alicemedina says:

    “Possibly African” ?? That woman is definitely of African descent more than anything. The great-great grandmother also confirms it. Mace if basically 1/8th or 1/16th African

  5. bulbasaur says:

    Looks like Dustin from Stranger Things

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