Sasha Grey

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Birth Name: Marina Ann Hantzis

Place of Birth: North Highlands, Sacramento, California, United States

Date of Birth: March 14, 1988

Ethnicity: English, Greek, Polish, Irish, Scottish

Sasha Grey is an American actress, model, writer, musician, and DJ. She was an adult film star, and is now a mainstream actress, having starred in the films The Girlfriend Experience, Smash Cut, I Melt with You, The Girl from the Naked Eye, Would You Rather, Open Windows, and The Scribbler, and on television’s Entourage. She was a co-founder, singer, and writer of industrial music band aTelecine, and wrote The Juliette Society trilogy of novels. She is also known as Anna Karina and Sasha Gray.

Her father was a mechanic. She was raised Catholic.

Sasha’s paternal grandfather was Nicholas Demetrius Hantzis, Jr. (the son of Nicholas Demetrius Hantzis and Pearl Lucretia Staley). Sasha’s great-grandfather Nicholas was Greek.

Sasha’s paternal grandmother was Lillian/Lilian Jones Mann (the daughter of Clarence William Mann and Maud/Maude Beatrice Jones Mann). Lillian was English, and had moved to California with her family. Clarence was born in Yorkshire, the son of William Mann and Hannah Elizabeth Widd. Maud was the daughter of Benjamin Mann and Mary C. Hinsworth.

Sasha’s maternal grandfather was Gerald Mantych (the son of Harold Mantych and Monica Marie Doorley). Harold was the son of Martin Mantych and Constance Slachetka, who were of Polish descent. Monica was the daughter of Martin Edward Doorley and Ellen Kehoe, and had Scottish and Irish ancestry.

Sasha’s maternal grandmother was named Ann McVeigh.

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Curious about ethnicity

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  1. AlfaVitaY2K says:

    Sorry, guys, but Internet says that Hantzis represents a Greek-Jewish surname. Hantzis; from Chatzis. Hebrew chatsi – “half”. You should investigate further. Her eyes are definitely Jewish.

  2. Poland says:

    She looks like typical slavic (Polish) girl with some southern (Greek) blood.

  3. ihatemostpeople says:

    For some reason she looks part Asian. Like 1/4. I know a girl who is 1/4 Japanese and she looks a lot like Sasha, except she’s not a whore!!!!

  4. Chris says:

    Beautiful, beautiful woman.

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