Sam Morril

Place of Birth: Chelsea, Massachusetts, U.S.

Date of Birth: c. 1986

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Sam Morril is an American stand-up comedian and actor. His mother, Marilyn Greenberg, is a painter, of abstract art. His biological father is Robert Elgort. Sam was raised by his mother and stepfather, attorney Mark Morril, and took his surname. His uncle is fashion photographer Arthur Elgort. Sam is a first cousin of photographer Sophie Elgort and actor and DJ Ansel Elgort, who are Arthur’s children. Sam was raised in New York.

Sam has stated that both of his birth parents are Jewish (as is his stepfather).

Sam’s paternal grandfather was Henech “Harry” Elgort (the son of Samuel Shimel Elgort and Etel/Ethel/Etta Ushomesky Schumerska). Henech was a Jewish emigrant from Roternissel, Russia. Samuel was born in St. Petersburg, the son of Mottel Elgort and Bloom. Etel was the daughter of Tellig Ushomesky Schumerska and Thena Kiratt.

Sam’s paternal grandmother was Sophie/Sophia Didimamoff (the daughter of Rafael Didimamoff and Katharine/Katherine/Katarzyna/Catherine/Katherina Kurtz). Sophie was born in New York, to a father from the Caucasus region and a mother from Lemberg, Austria, now in Lviv, Ukraine. Sam’s grandmother’s exact heritage is not clear. She had a Catholic funeral (she re-married to a Catholic). It is not clear if she was of Jewish heritage, but it is possible, given her emigrant roots in Lviv and the surname Kurtz. Sam’s uncle Arthur, at least, had a Bar Mitzvah ceremony and attended a Jewish summer camp, and Sam has referred to his father as Jewish.

Sam’s maternal grandfather was named George Greenberg. George was chairman and chief executive of Loehmann’s, the women’s clothing store chain in the Bronx.

Sam’s maternal grandmother was named Frances.

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