Neve Campbell

Campbell in 2011, Featureflash /

Birth Name: Neve Adrianne Campbell

Place of Birth: Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Date of Birth: 3 October, 1973

*Scottish (father)
*Dutch, some Sephardi Jewish (mother)

Neve Campbell is a Canadian actress.

Neve is the daughter of Marnie Neve and Gerry Campbell. Her brother, Christian Campbell, is also an actor. Her mother also acts. Neve has two children with her partner, American-British actor JJ Feild.

Her father is a Scottish emigrant, from Glasgow. Her mother is a Dutch emigrant, from Amsterdam. Neve has stated that her mother’s maiden name, Neve, comes from Sephardi Jewish ancestors, who moved to the Netherlands and later converted to Catholicism. Neve herself is Catholic. She has also said, “my lineage is Jewish, so if someone asks me if I’m Jewish, I say yes.” It is not clear how distant her Sephardi Jewish ancestry is.

Neve can be a Sephardi Jewish surname. In Italian, it means “snow,” and in Hebrew and Arabic, it means “oasis.”



Curious about ethnicity

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  1. ames says:

    YOU CAN’T BE JEWISH IF YOU’RE A PRACTICING CATHOLIC. I swear, celebrities can be SO stupid.

  2. ses101 says:

    I agree. Unless they have been here (the UK) how the hell do they know what people look like here? There are all types of looks here, and I’m not including people of obvious foreign blood. Celts, Anglos-Saxons, Normans, Vikings, etc have all mixed over the last thousand plus years.

  3. Capricious says:

    Definitely looks more Jewish. She looks rather exotic.

  4. cwm85 says:

    Have to admit I sometimes thought she looked mestiza.. with some Spanish influence or something…

  5. Bow Down Bitches says:

    she looks almost exactly like josh hartnett. i always thought they were siblings

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