Naomi Snieckus

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Birth Name: Naomi Marie Snieckus

Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date of Birth: February 24, 1974

*paternal grandfather – Lithuanian
*paternal grandmother – Estonian, Baltic German
*mother – English

Naomi Snieckus is a Canadian actress and comedian.

Her father was Lithuanian-born chemist and professor Victor Sniečkus, who was of Lithuanian and Estonian descent. Her paternal great-uncle (grandfather’s brother) was politician Antanas Sniečkus, who was First Secretary of the Communist Party of Lithuania, from 15 August, 1940 to 22 January, 1974. Her maternal grandparents were likely British.

Naomi’s paternal grandfather was Viktoras/Victoras Sniečkus (the son of Juozas Sniečkus/Sniečkuvienė and Marija/Marijona Stankunas/Stankūnaitė). Viktoras was born in Būbleliai, Šakiai, Lithuania. Juozas was the son of Izidorius Sniečkus. Marija was born in Lauckaimis, Lithuania, the daughter of Juozapas Stankūnas and Petrė Puniškaitė.

Naomi’s paternal grandmother was Pauline Sinberg (the daughter of Wilhelm Sinberg/Sienberg and Wilhelmine Laamann). Pauline was born in Crimea, Ukraine. Wilhelm was born in Ageri, Estonia, the son of Toomas Sienberg and Juula. Wilhelmine was born in Crimea, to parents from Estonia, Otto Hinrik Laamann/Lamann and Anna Catharina Lenzmann.

Naomi’s maternal grandfather is named Richard Pinkham.

Naomi’s maternal grandmother is named Marie Reynolds.

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