Douglas Tait

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Birth Name: Douglas J. Tait

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: December 17, 1974

Ethnicity: English, Irish, German, Scottish, 1/16th Chilean, 1/16th Mexican

Douglas Tait is an American actor, stuntman, and independent filmmaker. He was raised in Tarzana, Los Angeles, California.

Douglas’ paternal grandfather is Fred Woodrow Tait (the son of Fred W. Tait and Ada Pullin/Rullin). Douglas’ grandfather Fred was born in Louisiana. Douglas’ great-grandfather Fred was born in Louisiana, the son of George Wentworth Tait, whose parents were Scottish, and of Mary Elizabeth Thomas. Ada was born in Louisiana, the daughter of Lee M. Pullin and Mary Hadwin.

Douglas’ paternal grandmother is Beatrice Wirt/Wirth (the daughter of John Allen Wirt and Grace M. Templeton). Beatrice was born in Montana.

Douglas’ maternal grandfather is Reginald J. Montgomery (the son of Robert T. Montgomery and Juanita/Juana Gutierrez). Reginald was born in California. Robert was born in Washington, the son of Franklin Pierce Montgomery and Frances Eaton. Juanita was born in California, the daughter of Benigno Gutierrez, who was born in Chile, and of Maria de Los Santos Soledad Gonzales, who was of Mexican descent.

Douglas’ maternal grandmother is Irene O. Kanaly (the daughter of Robert Edward Kanaly and Angelina/Angela Tiehen/Tiehon). Irene was born in Nebraska. Robert was born in Nebraska, the son of Jeremiah Kanaly, whose parents were Irish, and Elizabeth Ann Murphy, whose father was Irish and whose mother was born in Canada, to Irish parents. Angelina was born in Nebraska, the daughter of Henry Alexander “Alex” Tiehen, who was German, and of Mary Margaret Koelzer, whose parents were German.

Source: Obituary of Douglas’ paternal grandfather, Fred Woodrow Tait –

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