Mía Maestro

"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" World Premiere - Arrivals

Maestro in 2012, photo by Prphotos

Place of Birth: Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Date of Birth: 19 June, 1978

Ethnicity: Argentinian [Italian, Swiss-French, possibly other]

Mía Maestro is an Argentine actress, singer, and songwriter. She is known for her roles on the series Alias and The Strain, and in the films Tango, Frida, The Motorcycle Diaries, Secuestro Express, and The Twilight Saga, among other works.

Her surname is Italian. Her mother is named Mía and her sister is named María Pía.

Mía’s maternal grandfather was named Eulogio.

Mía’s maternal grandmother was named Mía. She was of Swiss-French origin.

Source: http://www.lanacion.com.ar

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  1. jonasbsjr says:

    this beautiful woman surely has some non-euro mixture in her, since she is argentinian i bet the non-euro in her is native

  2. stlucas says:

    Mia’s mother and maternal grandmother were named Mía as well. Her maternal grandmother was originally Swiss-French. Her maternal grandfather was named Eulogio. Her sister is named María Pía.

    http://www.lanacion.com.ar/211788-mia-maestro-br-la-que-le-dijo-no-a-adrian-suar (in Spanish)

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