Marshall Cook

Birth Name: Leo Marshall Cook

Place of Birth: Santa Rosa, Sonoma, California, United States

Date of Birth: June 16, 1982

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish (paternal grandfather), Italian/Sicilian (maternal grandfather), English, Irish, Scottish, 1/64 Swiss-French

Marshall Cook is an American actor, film producer, and editor.

Marshall’s paternal grandfather was Leo Marshall Cook (the son of Leo Marshall Cook and Alma Brandeis). Marshall’s grandfather Leo was born in Illinois. Marshall’s great-grandfather Leo was born in Wisconsin, to Jewish parents from Germany, Jacob Cook and Rosalie Mayer/Meyer. Alma was born in Wisconsin, into a Czech Jewish family, and was the daughter of Carl Brandeis, who was born in Czechoslovakia, and of Jennie Kolliner, whose parents were from Czechoslovakia.

Marshall’s paternal grandmother was Carolyn/Caroline Grant Odell (the daughter of Joshua Frederick Odell and Frances Howat). Carolyn was born in Utah. Joshua was born in Utah, the son of George Thomas Odell, who was English, and of Florence Caroline Grant. Frances was born in Iowa, the daughter of Judge Andrew Howat, who was Scottish, and of Jenny L. Watts.

Marshall’s maternal grandfather was Anthony DePrima (the son of John DePrima and Rosa Pizzo). Anthony was born in Louisiana. John was born in Petralia Soprana, Palermo, Sicily, Italy, the son of Anthony DePrima. Rosa was born in Louisiana, to Italian parents, Lorenzo Pizzo and Giovanna.

Marshall’s maternal grandmother was Catherine Elizabeth Stevens (the daughter of Charles E. Stevens and Bertha Edna McMurray). Catherine was born in Colorado. Charles was born in New York, the son of Charles Wilson Stevens and Jeannie Bond. Bertha was born in Iowa, the daughter of William E. McMurray and Carrie Maude McGee.

Sources: Genealogies of Marshall’s paternal grandfather, Leo Marshall Cook –

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