Elizabeth Holmes

Birth Name: Elizabeth Anne Holmes

Place of Birth: Washington, D.C., U.S.

Date of Birth: February 3, 1984

Ethnicity: English, Irish, German, Scottish, 1/16th Danish, 1/16th Ashkenazi Jewish, 1/16th French-Canadian

Elizabeth Holmes is an American biotechnology entrepreneur and convicted/incarcerated fraudster. She was the founder of blood-testing company Theranos. Theranos, at one time valued at nearly ten billions dollars, claimed to have developed revolutionary technology, needing only very small volumes of blood to perform a blood test, from as little as one fingerprick. Before the revelation of fraud and her misleading of investors began in 2015, Elizabeth was commonly listed as the youngest and wealthiest self-made female billionaire in the U.S. or the world.

Elizabeth is the daufghter of Noel Anne, a Congressional committee staffer, and Christian Rasmus Holmes IV, a vice president at Enron. She was raised partly in Houston, Texas, where Enron was headquartered. Her maternal grandmother was English, and married her American grandfather in Paris, France, after WWII. Her father’s family was wealthy and prominent in both medicine and the yeast industry in Cincinnati, Ohio. Elizabeth’s great-great-great-uncle was businessperson, Republican Party politician, “bon vivant,” sailor, and sportsman Julius Fleischmann, who was Mayor of Cincinnati, from 1900 to 1905.

She has two children with her partner/husband William “Billy” Evans. William is heir to the San Francisco-based Evans Hotels.

Elizabeth’s paternal grandfather was Christian Rasmus Holmes III (the son of Capt. Christian R. Holmes II/Christian Rasmus Holmes, Jr. and Albertine Osborne Peck). Elizabeth’s grandfather Christian was born in New York, New York. Elizabeth’s great-grandfather Christian was born in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio. He was president of the Tuna Packing Company of Honolulu, and was an investor and sportsman. He established Feather Hill Zoo in California, and bought and built a personal estate on Coconut Island, Hawaii; the island was used for the opening credits of the show Gilligan’s Island. Christian also had a daughter with his second wife, actress, film producer, and model Katherine MacDonald. Elizabeth’s great-grandfather Christian was the son of Dr. Christian Rasmus Holmes, a Danish emigrant, who was born in Nörre Suede, and was a prominent physician in Cincinnati, where he built hospitals; and of Bettie/Bette/Beth R. Fleischmann, an American Jewish woman, who was born in Cincinnati, and who was a prominent philanthropist, donor to charity, and Asian art collector. Bettie’s father, Elizabeth’s great-great-great-grandfather, was businessperson Charles Louis Fleischmann, who was born in Jägerndorf, now Krnov, Moravian-Silesian, Czechia. Charles founded the Fleischmann Yeast Company, with his brother Maximilian, and James Gaff, in Riverside, Cincinnati, in 1868, originally named Gaff, Fleischmann & Company. Bettie’s mother, Henriette Robertson, was born in Lippe-Detmold, Germany.

Elizabeth’s great-grandmother Albertine was born in New York, New York, the daughter of William Dayton Peck and Albertine Ebermayer, whose own father was German.

Elizabeth’s paternal grandmother was Elizabeth Jane “Betty” Lott (the daughter of George Kenneth Lott and Genevieve K. Murphy). Elizabeth’s grandmother Elizabeth was born in Syracuse, Onondaga, New York. George was born in Brockville, Ontario, Canada, the son of George Derwood Lott and Alice Violetta Boulton, and had Irish, Scottish, and German ancestry. Genevieve was the daughter of James Murphy, whose parents were Irish, and of Mary McGraw, who was born in England, to Irish parents.

Elizabeth’s maternal grandfather was George Arlington Daoust, Jr. (the son of George Arlington Daoust and Elizabeth Louise Bulger). Elizabeth’s grandfather George was born in Oakland, Alameda, California. Elizabeth’s great-grandfather George was the son of Felix Albert Daoust, whose parents were French-Canadian, and of Emma Gertrude Green, whose paternal grandparents were English and Scottish. Elizabeth’s great-grandmother Elizabeth was the daughter of John William Bulger and Mary Byrne, who were the children of Irish parents.

Elizabeth’s maternal grandmother was Amy Mary Elizabeth Pover (the daughter of Samuel Pover and Annie A. Furness). Amy was born in Watford, Hertfordshire, England.

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