Lala Sloatman

Birth Name: Lala Cassandra Sloatman

Place of Birth: Winter Park, Florida, U.S.

Date of Birth: October 12, 1970

Ethnicity: Portuguese (paternal grandmother), Maltese (maternal grandfather), German, Bohemian/Czech, English, Irish, Dutch

Lala Sloatman is an American model, actress, and costumer.

She is the daughter of Joan and John Sloatman. Lala’s first cousin is writer, musician, producer, and publisher Ahmet Zappa. Lala has a daughter.

Lala’s father was of one half Portuguese descent, along with German, and some Irish and Dutch. Lala’s mother was of one half Maltese, one quarter Bohemian/Czech, and one quarter English, descent.

Lala’s paternal grandfather was John Klein Sloatman (the son of John Klein Sloatman and Grace Maxwell Herman). Lala’s grandfather John was born in New Jersey. Lala’s great-grandfather John was the son of William Charles Sloatman and Emily Klein, and was of German descent. Grace was the daughter of Henry Edwin Herman, who was likely of German descent; and of Mary C. Van Hoesen, whose father was of Dutch descent and whose maternal grandparents were Irish.

Lala’s paternal grandmother was Laura Freitas (the daughter of Arthur Freitas and Adelaide De Silva). Laura was born in Hawaii. Arthur was born in Hawaii, to Portuguese parents, Antonio Joaquin De Freitas and Maria Violante Pitta, from Calheta, Azores. Adelaide’s parents were also Portuguese.

Lala’s maternal grandfather was Louis Gatt (the son of Joseph P. Gatt and Mary Assunta Spiteri). Louis was born in Michigan, to Maltese parents.

Lala’s maternal grandmother was Joan Lee Stichka (the daughter of James Benjamin Stichka and Evelyn Lloyd Cooper). Joan was born in Maryland. James was the son of Vaclav James Stichka and Emma Koci, who were the children of Bohemian/Czech parents. Evelyn was born in Cairo, Egypt, to English parents, Albert B. Cooper and Ethel P. Burleigh.

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