Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury Stamp

Freddie Mercury stamp, issued c. 2006

Birth Name: Farrokh Bulsara

Date of Birth: 5 September, 1946

Place of Birth: Stone Town, Sultanate of Zanzibar (now Tanzania)

Date of Death: 24 November, 1991

Place of Death: Kensington, London, England, U.K.

Ethnicity: Parsi

Freddie Mercury was a British singer, songwriter, and record producer. He was the lead singer of the band Queen. Other members of the band include or have included John Deacon, Brian May, and Roger Taylor.

Freddie was born Farrokh Bulsara in Stone Town, in the British protectorate of Zanzibar (now Tanzania), an island. His parents, Jer and Bomi Rustomji Bulsara, were Parsis from the Gujarat region of India. His father worked as a cashier at the British Colonial Office in Zanzibar. The surname Bulsara is derived from the town of Bulsar (now known as Valsad), in southern Gujarat.

Freddie’s family was of the Zoroastrian religion. He spent much of his youth in India and Zanzibar, and moved to London, England, when he was seventeen. In India, he attended St. Peter’s School, a British-style boarding school for boys.

Throughout his career, he was said to have been hesitant to talk about his ethnic background. This was something he was criticized for. He is considered Britain’s first Asian rock star.

Freddie was played by Rami Malek in the film Bohemian Rhapsody (2018). Rami won the Academy Award for Best Actor for the role.

Freddie’s paternal grandparents were named Givind Bulsara and Devkor.


Genealogy of Freddie Mercury (focusing on his father’s side) –

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Curious about ethnicity

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  1. Arif says:

    not parsi indian, PERSIAN would be correct…

  2. pedro_henrique says:

    In Iran there are a lot of people with blonde hair and green or blue eyes. Green eyes are more common than in Europe. The iranian people originally came 4 thousand years ago from Caucasus and modern Russia. They mixed with native people like Elamites and summerians who were black. The nazis considered aryans (iranians) from a original white race and Germany one of few contries in which the mixed less with non whites. Even nazis knew germans weren’t full aryans, although this theory be wrong scientificaly.

  3. pedro_henrique says:

    Freddy seemed to me like a british guy or french. Never thought he could be indian.

  4. CamilleJen says:

    He was Persian/Iranian, even his religion is a good indication of his ethnic background, you don’t even have to mention “indian” , his family lived there but didn’t have the origins.

  5. Thenabster says:

    Since you are Jewish, you are technically Middle Eastern, related to other Levantines.

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