Kurt Wimmer

Wimmer in 2012, photo by Joe Seer/www.bigstockphoto.com/

Birth Name: Kurt J. Wimmer

Place of Birth: Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 9, 1964

*62.5% German
*25% Venezuelan [Spanish, French, possibly other]
*12.5% Irish

Kurt Wimmer is an American screenwriter, film producer, and film director.

Kurt’s father has German ancestry. Kurt’s mother is of Irish, German, and Venezuelan descent. Kurt’s maternal grandmother was born in Trinidad, into a Venezuelan family.

Kurt’s paternal grandparents were named Karl/Carl Wimmer and Maria. Karl and Maria were born in Germany.

Kurt’s maternal grandfather was James Howard Shea (the son of Frank Michael Shea and Lucy J. Midden). Kurt’s grandfather James was born in Illinois. Frank was born in Illinois, the son of Michael Shea, whose parents were Irish, and of Johanna/Johannah Shaughnessy, whose parents also were Irish. Lucy was born in Illinois, the daughter of John S. Midden, whose parents were German, and of Mary, whose parents also were German.

Kurt’s maternal grandmother was Teresita Blanca de Marino Mata (the daughter of Jesus Salvador Mata Dumoulin/Doumolin and Teresa Blanca Mariño Perez). Teresita was born in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, to Venezuelan parents. Jesus was born in Juan Griego, Margarita Island, the son of Francisco Antonio Pancho Mata and Blacina/Blasina/Celina de la Concepción Dumoulin/Doumolin Vasquez. Teresa was born in Ciudad Bolívar, the daughter of Pedro Mariño and Mercedes Perez.

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