Birth Name: Valentin Brunel

Place of Birth: Toulon, Var, France

Date of Birth: 17 December, 1996

Ethnicity: French, some Breton

Kungs is a French DJ, record producer, and musician. He is the son of Catherine “Cathy” (Le Dizès) and Laurent Brunel.

Kungs’ paternal grandfather is Alain Brunel (the son of Maurice Marie Louis Édouard Brunel and Marie Henriette Thérèse Villedieu de Torcy). Maurice was the son of Jean Joseph Amans Brunel and Anne Marie Louise Graffin. Thérèse was the daughter of Auguste Villedieu de Torcy and Alice Zoë Charlotte Droz de Villars.

Kungs’ paternal grandmother is Odile Minvielle (the daughter of Jean Alfred Marie Minvielle and Geneviève Louise Marie Charlotte Dulong). Jean was the son of André Minvielle and Marie Sophie Guerreau. Geneviève was the daughter of Gabriel Denis Louis Joseph Dulong and Louise Jeanne Madeleine d’Ausbourg.

Kungs’ maternal grandfather was named Yves Marie Jean Le Dizès. Yves was born in Sanvic, Le Havre, Seine-Maritime.

Kungs’ maternal grandmother is Marie-Françoise Pinatel (the daughter of Henri Marie Joseph “José” Pinatel and Marthe Alberte Thérèse Galy). José was the son of Horace Marie Joseph Lazare Pinatel and Renée Joséphine Henriette Percin, who was born in Bône, French Algeria, now Annaba, Algeria, to French parents.

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  1. Akwaba says:

    “Le Dizès” is a Breton last name

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