Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin Hosts an Afternoon Pool Event at Wet Republic in Las Vegas on August 29, 2009

Gosselin in 2009, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: Jonathan Keith Gosselin

Place of Birth: Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Date of Birth: April 1, 1977

*father – French-Canadian, Irish, Welsh
*mother – Korean

Jon Gosselin is an American television personality. He starred in the reality television series Jon & Kate Plus 8, alongside his then-wife, Kate Gosselin, and their eight children.

Jon’s father’s ancestry is French-Canadian, Irish, and Welsh. Jon’s mother was born and raised in Hawaii, of Korean descent. This was stated in the Korean American Journal.

Jon and Kate’s children have also inherited Jon’s Korean looks. When asked to comment about this, Jon’s mother stated that the “Korean gene is very strong.” Kate said that she wanted her kids to look like Jon and that she always wanted little “China dolls.”

Jon’s paternal grandfather was Joseph Gosselin (the son of Frank Louis Gosselin and Kathleen/Catherine Lang/Long). Joseph was born in Massachusetts, and was of French-Canadian descent. Louis was born on Prince Edward Island. Kathleen was born in Madawaska, New Brunswick, the daughter of François-Xavier Long and Adèle Ouellette.

Jon’s paternal grandmother was named Elizabeth Thomas.

Jon’s father distant ancestor, Françoise Grenier/Garnier, may have been an Indigenous Canadian.

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Curious about ethnicity

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  1. Island Girl says:

    People who are mixed with black and other races are always considered beautiful, but what have notice if the person is mixed race but do not have black in them considered to be less so, by both black and white people. My Italian boyfriend has said to me on many occasions that if we had a child together it would be beautiful.

  2. Island Girl says:

    I do believe that the asian genes are very dominant. Myleene Klass and Gok Wan are half white but they look full asian. Myleen Kass little girl’s father is white but the child still looks full asian, yet in they are said to be genitcally closer to whites than blacks yet the children always look pure asian. I have never seen a chinese or Japanese mix race child with blond hair blue or green eyes, but this happens a lot when a child is part black or white or part east Indian and white.

  3. kathleen says:

    he has the cutest children

  4. jon says:

    Jons kids got most of their looks from his mother’s side, and not as much from his father’s side. even though its not really well known, we dont receive a even 25/25/25/25% split from each of our grandparents. You can easily receive 40% of your genes from your grandmother and only 10% from your grandfather and vice versa…This is why Siblings dont always look alike, and is also why some people resemble a single grandparent so strongly.

    Of course the mother is White to, its hard to say why her side isnt more dominant considering john does have caucasian ancestry to. But their kids looking asian despite being 1/4th isnt unheard of. If she had more than 2 pregnancies im sure they would have had some caucasian looking children since its all a dice roll as far as what genes are selected for looks. in their case they had 2 dice rolls [pregancies] and both selected the asian grandmother’s genes for looks. personality and iq may be from jons grandfather though who knows.

  5. ama says:

    My son’s father is also half Korean, making our son one quarter. I had hoped our son would get a little more of the Asian-look to his appearance, but instead, he’s blue-eyed, has brownish-red hair, and very fair skin. I’m blonde with green eyes, and his dad (obviously) is dark brunette with piercing brown eyes… Genetics are a mystery!

    • Anonymous says:

      there are half East Asian people that are blonde/red hair and blue/green eyes. This is not usually the case because these are recessive traits. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with having unique physical traits, traits that the majority of the population doesn’t have. The vast majority of the Earth’s human population has dark hair and eyes, with representatives in nearly every ethnic group. What you were hoping for was no more “Asian looking” than “Mediterranean looking.” The unique trait from East Asian descent would be in the shape of the eyes.

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