Jeroen Krabbé

Birth Name: Jeroen Aart Krabbé

Place of Birth: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Date of Birth: 5 December, 1944

*43.75% Dutch
*56.25% Jewish [Ashkenazi, Sephardi]

Jeroen Krabbé is a Dutch actor and film director. His name is pronounced jəˈrun ˈaːrt krɑˈbeː.

His father, Maarten Krabbé, was a painter and art educator, who was born in Laren, Netherlands, and was raised in Het Gooi. His paternal aunt, Henny Eskens-Krabbé, was a WWII resistance fighter. Jeroen’s father’s ancestry was Dutch and one eighth Ashkenazi Jewish.

His mother, Margreet/Margaretha (Reiss), who was born in Amsterdam, was a film translator. She was Jewish, and her own father had been killed in the Holocaust. Her ancestors included both Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jews, from families that had lived in the Netherlands since the 1600s. She also had Jewish ancestors from Germany, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, and Poland.

His brother is journalist and novelist Tim Krabbé. His half-brother is artist Mirko Krabbé. Jeroen is married to Herma van Gemert, with whom he has three children, including radio and television presenter Martijn Krabbé.

Jeroen’s patrilineal line can be traced back to Sijbrant Maartense Krabbé/Crabbe, who was born c. the mid 1700s.

Jeroen’s paternal grandfather was Hendrik Maarten Krabbé (Heinrich Martin Krabbé, the son of Martin Krabbé and Hendrika Jacoba van Draanen). Hendrick was born in London, England, to Dutch parents. He was a genre artist and portrait painter. Jeroen’s great-grandfather Martin was born in Rotterdam, Rotterdam, the son of Johannes Jacobus Krabbé and Maartje Lagerweij. Hendrika was born in Oudshoorn, Alphen aan den Rijn, the daughter of Hendrik van Draanen and Anna Jacoba van Brussel.

Jeroen’s paternal grandmother was singer Miep Rust (Wilhelmina Maria Rust, the daughter of Georg Philip Rust and Eliza Johanna Hendrika Mortier/Morte). Miep was born in Amsterdam. Georg was the son of George Philip Rust and Johanna Geertruida Roodt. Eliza was the daughter of Henri Mortjé/Mortier, also known as Henry Mozes Mortje-Cohen, who was Jewish; and of Wilhelmina Heusner/Heussner.

Jeroen’s maternal grandfather was Abraham Simon Reiss (the son of Simon Reiss and Judik Ballom). Abraham was born in Amsterdam, to a Jewish family. He was killed in the Holocaust in 1943, in the Sobibor extermination camp. Jeroen’s great-grandfather Simon was the son of Abraham Reiss, who was born in Werkersgrube/Wenkengruben, Bavaria, Germany, and of Clara Joseph Kan. Judik was the daughter of Jonas Salomon Balom/Ballom and Vrouwtje Aron Meliffene Melivne.

Jeroen’s maternal grandmother was Kaatje Moses Bon (the daughter of Mozes Bon and Abigael/Abigail Pezaro). Kaatje was born in Rotterdam, to a Jewish family. Mozes was the son of Samuel Bon and Kaatje Moses van Emden. Abigael was born in Amsterdam, the daughter of Abraham Eliazer Abraham Pezaro, who was Sephardi, and of Kaatje Mozes Cosman.

Jeroen is a sixth cousin, once removed, of American actor Tyler Young. Jeroen’s maternal five times great-grandparents, Moses David Nuñes Navarro and Miriam Judah Siprut de Gabay, who were Dutch Jews, were also Tyler’s six times great-grandparents. Jeroen is also a sixth cousin, twice removed, of Dutch actor Michiel Huisman, also through shared Dutch Jewish ancestry. Jeroen’s maternal five times great-grandparents, Mozes Salomon Shlomo van Livna and Rebecca Israel, were also Michiel’s seven times great-grandparents.

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