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Place of Birth: New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: c. 1996/1997

Ethnicity: Italian (paternal grandmother), German, English, Dutch, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Irish, 1/16th Danish

Grace Van Patten is an American actress.

She is the daughter of model Wendy Rossmeyer and director, producer, and actor Tim Van Patten (Timothy Van Patten). She is the half-niece of actor and animal welfare advocate Dick Van Patten and actress Joyce Van Patten (Grace’s father is the half-brother of Dick and Joyce); as well as a half-cousin of professional tennis player, poker commentator, and actor Vincent Van Patten, who is the son of Dick, and a half-cousin of actress Talia Balsam, who is the daughter of Joyce.

Grace’s father’s ancestry is Dutch, English, and German on his own father’s side and Italian/Sicilian on his own mother’s. Grace’s mother is of German, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Irish, English, and one eighth Danish descent.

Grace’s paternal grandfather was Richard Byron Van Patten (the son of John Peter Van Patten and Florence Lucinda Tyler). Richard was born in New York. John was the son of Byron Van Patten and Elizabeth Abigail Butler, whose mother was German, from Württemberg. Florence was the daughter of Edwin Forest Tyler and Anna Otten.

Grace’s paternal grandmother was Eleanor Marie della Gatta (the daughter of Andrew della Gatta and Lucy J. Giamporcaro). Eleanor was born in New York, to Italian parents. Lucy was the daughter of Carmelo/Carmen Giamporcaro, who was Sicilian, and of Mildred.

Grace’s maternal grandfather was Bruce O. Rossmeyer (the son of William H. Rossmeyer and Ella Susan Rosenvinge). Bruce was born in New Jersey. William was born in New Jersey, to German parents, William R. Rossmeyer and Agathe. Ella was the daughter of Otto Johannes Peter Christian Rosenvinge, who was Danish, from Gimsing, Denmark; and of Irene Adella Coyle/Coley, who likely was of Irish descent.

Grace’s maternal grandmother is Sandra “Sandy” Broadfoot (the daughter of James Kimbrough Broadfoot and Anna Quay Rowsey/Rowsay). James was the son of James Andrew Broadfoot and Minnie Epling. Anna was the daughter of Edward Smith Rowsey and Beulah May Robison.

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