Geoff Stults

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Birth Name: Geoffrey Manton Stults

Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan, U.S.

Date of Birth: December 15, 1977

Ethnicity: German, Irish, English, French-Canadian

Geoff Stults is an American actor and model.

Geoff is the son of Jenelle and Ronald Stults. His brother is actor and model George Stults. They were raised in Green Mountain Falls, Colorado.

Geoff’s paternal grandmother was Dolly Anne McNerney (the daughter of Michael George McNerney and Mae/May Lucille/Loretta Rooney). Dolly was born in Ohio. Michael was born in Ohio, to a father from Ireland, Michael McNerney, and a mother from England, Mary Moran, who was likely also of Irish ancestry. Mae was born in York, Ontario, Canada, the daughter of James Joseph Rooney, who was born in Toronto, Ontario, and was of Irish descent, and of Anna/Annie/Ann Lacey, who was born in England, and likely also had Irish ancestry.

Geoff’s maternal grandfather was Neal Phillip Hampton (the son of Andrew Scott Hampton and Nora Poirier). Neal was born in Michigan. Andrew was the son of John Scott Hampton and Ollie Malcomb/Malcolm Hampton. Nora was the daughter of Philip/Philippe Poirier, who was born in Canada, of French-Canadian descent, and of Andrina/Anna Sarah Roberts, who was also of French-Canadian ancestry.

Geoff’s maternal grandmother was Mary Elaine Cowden (the daughter of John Victor Cowden and Genevieve Therese/J. Young). Mary was born in Michigan. John was the son of William Rush Cowden and Jennie/Jenny Wallace. Genevieve was the daughter of Joseph L. Young and Mary Ann Mortland/Morthland.

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