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2011 Juno Awards - Arrivals

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Birth Name: Gary Lee Weinrib

Place of Birth: North York, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date of Birth: July 29, 1953

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Geddy Lee is a Canadian musician, singer, and songwriter. He is the lead singer, bassist, and keyboardist of progessive rock band Rush. Other members of the band include/have included Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart.

Geddy is the son of Mary/Manya/Malka (Rubenstein) and Morris Weinrib. His parents were Jewish Holocaust survivors, and met in a work camp in Starachowice, Poland. His father was from Ostrowce. His mother was born in Warsaw, and later lived in Wierzbnik. He is married to Nancy Young, with whom he has two children.

Geddy’s paternal grandfather was named Aharon Weinrib.

Geddy’s paternal grandmother was named Chaya Sura Cytrynbaum.

Geddy’s maternal grandfather was named Gershon/Gary Eliezer Rubinstein. Gershon was from Wierzbnik.

Geddy’s maternal grandmother was named Rose Rozensweig (the daughter of Oizer Meir Rozensweig). Rose was born in Starachowice, starachowicki, świętokrzyskie, Poland.

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