Mindy Sterling

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Sterling in 2003, photo by Prphotos.com

Birth Name: Mindy Lee Sterling

Place of Birth: Paterson, New Jersey, U.S.

Date of Birth: July 11, 1953

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Mindy Sterling is an American actress and comedian. She is known for playing Frau Farbissina in the Austin Powers films, and for the web series Con Man.

She is the daughter of “Bookie,” a showgirl, and Dick Sterling (born Joseph Shapiro), an actor, comedian, and singer. Mindy has a son, Max, a stand-up comedian, with her former husband Brian Gadson.

Mindy’s paternal grandfather was named Max Shapiro. Max was born in Russia.

Mindy’s paternal grandmother was named Katie. Katie was born in Russia.

Mindy’s maternal grandfather was Mose I. Pushkin (the son of Jacob Pushkin and Florence Levi/Levy). Mose was born in Lithuania.

Mindy’s maternal grandmother was Rose Silverston (the daughter of Max Silverston and Mary Jasin). Rose was born in Georgia, U.S., to parents from Poland. Mary was the daughter of Rabbi Israel Jason, who was born in Breslav, Germany, and of Esther Komblatt, who was born in Russia.

Mindy is stated in some places on the internet as being the daughter of actress June Vincent. This is not accurate. June Vincent’s daughter, a singer also named Mindy Sterling, is a different woman.

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  1. jackson9 says:

    Ah so Sterling was originally Shapiro… thanks. I know you are busy but if you could say if Samm Levine is Puerto Rican next it would be a big favor. Thanks

  2. jackson9 says:

    Are you certain that Mindy’s father Richard Joseph Sterling was Jewish? Can’t find any of his ancestors but he was married three times and his only Jewish spouse was Bookie (Mindy’s mother). If you could find more detail on the fathers side that would be great. thanks.

    Sincerely, Bearboy/Jackson9

  3. jackson9 says:

    She should also be tagged as German-Jewish and Russian-Jewish. Mindy’s great-grandmother Mary Jasin was the daughter of Rabbi Israel Jason born in 1851 in Breslav, Germany and Esther Komblatt 1849, in Russia. Also, are you 100% certain her paternal grandparents were Jewish? Only asking because I can’t figure out who they were.

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