Jeana Smith

Birth Name: Jennifer Smith

Date of Birth: March 15, 1983

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish, possibly other

Jeana Smith is an American Internet personality. She is a member of duo PrankvsPrank, with Jesse Wellens.

She is the daughter of Harilyn, who died from cancer, and Steven J. Smith.

Jeana’s maternal grandfather was Joel D. Neff (the son of Nathan Kanefsky/Neff and Bertha Dintenfass). Joel was born in Pennsylvania, to a Russian Jewish father and an Austrian Jewish mother, from Vienna. Nathan was the son of William Kanefsky, and of a woman surnamed Kohen. Bertha was the daughter of Jakob Dintenfass, from Tuchów, tarnowski, Poland, and of Chane Anna Rosenfeld, from Tarnow, Tarnów County, Poland.

Jeana’s maternal grandmother was named Yetta “Etta” Spector (the daughter of Louis Spector and Bessie). Yetta was a Jewish emigrant, who was born in Horodyshche, Cherkasy, Ukraine. Louis was the son of Morris Spector and Lea Greenberg. Bessie was the daughter of Abraham.

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5 Responses

  1. leojainen says:
    Mother’s obituary. Jeana’s father’s full name is Steven J. Smith

  2. Manila says:

    I saw her latest YouTube video that she is now using Wellens as her surname. So, I am not sure if Jeana and Jesse are now married:

  3. Manila says:

    Correction: Jeana’s maternal grandparents are now deceased. Please, use the past tense. Thanks.

  4. Girll says:

    I always watched prankvsprank
    Jesse is Jewish too right?
    I used to think they might have been Italian but he has a star of david tattoo :)

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