Frank Darabont

Darabont in 2004, photo by Starfrenzy/

Birth Name: Ferenc Árpád Darabont

Place of Birth: Montbéliard, Doubs, France

Date of Birth: 28 January, 1959

Ethnicity: Hungarian

Frank Darabont is an American film director, screenwriter, and producer. He has directed the films The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, The Majestic, and Stephen King’s The Mist. He wrote the screenplays, adopting Stephen King works, for all but Majestic. He has also co-written the films A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, The Blob (1988), The Fly II, and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein; created, executive produced, and directed episodes of, the show The Walking Dead upon its inception; and directed episodes of The Shield and Mob City, the latter of which he also created. He has also been known as Frank A. Darabont and Ardeth Bey.

Frank was born in a refugee camp in Montbéliard, Doubs, France, the son of Hungarian parents, from Budapest, who escaped the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. The family moved to the U.S. when Frank was a child. Frank was raised in Chicago, Illinois and Los Angeles, California. He is married to Sara Rae Darabont.


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  1. andrew says:

    He can pass for Ashkenazi Jewish. Viceversa many A. Jews resemble people from Mitteleuropa.

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