Edward Seaga

Birth Name: Edward Philip George Seaga

Date of Birth: May 28, 1930

Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.

Date of Death: May 28, 2019

Place of Death: Miami, Florida, U.S.

*father – Lebanese
*mother – Scottish, African-Jamaican, possibly Indian

Edward Seaga was a Jamaican politician. He served as Prime Minister of Jamaica, from 1 November, 1980 to 10 February, 1989. He was also Leader of the Jamaica Labour Party, from November 1974 to 21 January, 2005, and Leader of the Opposition, from 1974 to 1 November 1980, and again from 10 February, 1989 to 21 January, 2005.

Edward was born in Boston, U.S., to Jamaican parents, Erna Aletta (Maxwell) and Philip George Seaga. His father was the son of Lebanese immigrants. His mother was of African-Jamaican and Scottish ancestry.

Edward’s mother is also said to have had Indian ancestry. His great-grandfather, John Foster Campbell, was born in India, though it is not clear if he had Indian ancestry.

Edward was married to Marie Elizabeth “Mitsy” Constantine, until her death, and then to Carla Frances Vendryes, until his death. Mitsy was Miss Jamaica 1965. He had two children with Mitsy, and a daughter with Marie.

Edward’s great-nephew is Filipino actor Derrick Monasterio, who is his sister’s biological grandson.

In a quote used on page 89 of the book Michael Manley and Jamaican Democracy, 1972–1980: The Word is Love (2014), by F. S. J. Ledgister, Edward stated, “My ancestry connects to Lebanon, Scotland, India, and Africa.”

Edward’s paternal grandfather was named George Habib/Habid Seaga (the son of Habib Seaga). George was born in Beirut, Lebanon.

Edward’s paternal grandmother was named Katie David Hannah/Hanna/Henna/Nunes (the daughter of Davod/David Hanna/Nunes). Katie was Lebanese. Her family likely changed their name to Nunes in Jamaica.

Edward’s maternal grandfather was named George Henry “Harry” Maxwell (the son of George Maxwell).

Edward’s maternal grandmother was Elizabeth Campbell (the daughter of John Foster Campbell and Elizabeth Isabella Heron). Edward’s grandmother Elizabeth was born in Jamaica. John was born in India, the son of Samuel Campbell. Edward’s great-grandmother Elizabeth was the daughter of David Heron, whose father was Scottish, and of Jane Mitchell.

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  1. madman says:

    His father is not named Faried George “Philip” Seaga. He is Philip George Seaga, as every document and source state. Faried was his brother. This is almost certainly Edwards father Philip:

    His grandparents’ marriage record:

    Edward’s paternal grandfather was George Habib Seaga (the son of Habib Seaga). George was born in Beirut, Lebanon.

    Edward’s paternal grandmother was Katie Hannah David Nunes (the daughter of David Nunes). Katie was born in Lebanon.

    These records shows George’s and Katie’s birth places:

    I originally wrote Syrian because Edward’s father lists his race as Syrian everywhere, but now when there is a record of his birth place, it can be changed to Lebanese instead.

  2. andrew says:

    African-Jamaican? Seriously?

    That is ridiculous.

    • madman says:

      You’ll probably be saying the same about some other Jamaican prime ministers that will pop up her a few at a time soon. It’s very difficuly to, just from genealogy, tell how black a Jamaican is, but Edward Seaga is said to have African ancestry from his mother. I’m doubtful about the Indian but the African I can definitely believe (and I don’t go by his looks).

    • Oaken05 says:

      Yes, African-Jamaican. Because as you well know “Jamaican” is neither an ethnicity nor a race. All kinds of people have lived and mixed in Jamaica if even it’s overwhelmingly sub-Saharan African in the main. I’m sorry you have a problem with that.

      • andrew says:

        He may have some distant Afro-Jamaican ancestry, or most likely he claimed that to milk more votes.

        Hardly a relevant part of his mother’s side background, unless you guys are so naive to believe it.

        • madman says:

          He wrote in his book : “My ancestry connects to Lebanon, Scotland, India, and Africa.”

          But you’re right, he could’ve been wrong (or lied) and actually just be white. Then again, he could very well have been part black, he was Jamaican after all so it’s not like it’s unlikely. I just don’t understand why you so badly don’t want any white person to have black ancestry. I know you think you can spot it by looking at pictures, but evidently you’ve been wrong before, for example about Jeremy Renner.

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