Tina Kunakey

09/05/2017 – Tina Kunakey – 74th Annual Venice International Film Festival – “Mother!” Premiere – Arrivals – Sala Grande – Venice, Italy – Photo Credit: Landmark / PR Photos

Birth Name: Tina Kunakey/Kunakey Di Vita

Place of Birth: Toulouse, France

Date of Birth: 5 April, 1997

*25% Togolese
*25% French
*25% Italian/Sicilian
*25% Andalusian Spanish

Tina Kunakey is a French model. She is the daughter of Nadia and Robin Kunakey.

She has said:

My father was born of Togolese father and French mother… My mother was born of a Sicilian father and an Andalusian mother.

Her father was born in Morocco. Her maternal grandfather is from Caltanissetta, Sicily. Tina and her family are pictured here.

Tina is married to actor Vincent Cassel, with whom she has a daughter.

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  1. liaasunshinecrazy says:

    This mix it’s amazing. And your father are just 50 black lmao really

  2. liaasunshinecrazy says:

    She’s and your husband name your daugther “Amazonie” because of Amazonia in Brasil, they lived/or still live in here. Cool. Your daugther name is Amazonie

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