Tina Kunakey

09/05/2017 – Tina Kunakey – 74th Annual Venice International Film Festival – “Mother!” Premiere – Arrivals – Sala Grande – Venice, Italy – Photo Credit: Landmark / PR Photos

Birth Name: Tina Kunakey/Kunakey Di Vita

Place of Birth: Toulouse, France

Date of Birth: 5 April, 1997

*25% Togolese
*25% French
*25% Italian/Sicilian
*25% Andalusian Spanish

Tina Kunakey is a French model. She is the daughter of Nadia and Robin Kunakey.

She has said:

My father was born of Togolese father and French mother… My mother was born of a Sicilian father and an Andalusian mother.

Tina is married to actor Vincent Cassel, with whom she has a daughter.

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  1. Akwaba says:

    I thought her father was 100% Togolese

  2. No Name says:

    Damn she’s only 1/4 black but looks more than that.

  3. andrew says:

    Good pick, Vincent!

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