Vincent Cassel


Cassel in 2013, photo by PrPhotos

Birth Name: Vincent Crochon

Place of Birth: Paris, France

Date of Birth: 23 November, 1966

*75% French
*25% Corsican Italian

Vincent Cassel is a French actor. His roles include the films La Haine (Hate), Elizabeth (1998), The Crimson Rivers, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Birthday Girl, Read My Lips, Irréversible, Ocean’s Twelve, and its sequel, Ocean’s Thirteen; Eastern Promises, Mesrine, Black Swan, Mon Roi, It’s Only the End of the World, Jason Bourne, and The Specials (2019), and the series Westworld.

He is the son of journalist Sabine Litique and actor Jean-Pierre Cassel (born Jean-Pierre Crochon). His brother Mathias is a rapper, with the group Assassin, under the name “Rockin’ Squat,” and his half-sister is Cécile Cassel, an actress, and singer under the name Hollysiz. He lived in Brazil for a time, and was a Brazilian citizen.

Vincent is married to model Tina Kunakey. He has two children with his former wife, Italian model and actress Monica Bellucci; and a daughter with Tina. Beside his native French, Cassel speaks English, Portuguese, Italian, and basic Russian, which he learned for his role in Eastern Promises.

Vincent’s father was born with the surname Crochon, and took Cassel as a stage name.

Vincent’s paternal grandfather was Georges Marie François Crochon (the son of Joseph François Crochon and Marie Louise Hélène Patron). Georges was born in Salindres, Gard, Occitanie. Joseph was the son of Jacques Crochon and Louise Lansard. Vincent’s great-grandmother Marie Louise was the daughter of Georges Patron and Louise Catherine Paulet.

Vincent’s paternal grandmother was Marie Louise-Marguerite Fabrègue (the daughter of Léonce Fabrègue and Julie Jeanne Castaing/Castain). Marie Louise-Marguerite was born in Nîmes, Gard, Occitanie. Léonce was the son of Jean Luc Fabrègue and Noémie Sophie Menviel.

Vincent’s maternal grandfather was named André Litique.

Vincent’s maternal grandmother was Pauline-Louise Lanfranchi (the daughter of Vincent Lanfranchi and Marie-Perpétue Battesti). Pauline-Louise was born in Vezzani, on Corsica.

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