Derek Mio

Birth Name: Derek Zenji Mio

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: June 22, 1982

Ethnicity: Japanese

Derek Mio is an American film and television actor.

Derek’s paternal grandfather was George Mio (the son of Zenmatsu/Jenmatsu Mio and Oriye/Orie Sakamoto). George was born in California, to parents from Wakamaya, Japan.

Derek’s paternal grandmother is Ruby Tashima (the daughter of Iwakichi/Iwakchi Tashima and Masako Onakatomi). Ruby was born in Utah, to Japanese parents. Iwakichi was the son of Tashiro Tashima and Fusa Uyeno. Masako was the daughter of Tokujir Onakatomi and Toraye Murakami.

Derek’s maternal grandfather was named Stanley Yoshinori Kaizawa (the son of Matsunosuke Kaizawa and Hamako). Stanley was born in Hawaii, to parents from Hiroshima, Japan.

Derek’s maternal grandmother was named Ikuko Endo.

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