Cynthia Watros

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Birth Name: Cynthia Michele Watros

Place of Birth: Lake Orion, Michigan, U.S.

Date of Birth: September 2, 1968

Ethnicity: Polish (paternal grandmother), Italian (maternal grandfather), English, Welsh, possibly other

Cynthia Watros is an American actress. Her roles include the series Lost and The Drew Carey Show.

Cynthia is the daughter of Nancy and Bruce Watros. She is married to Curtis Gilliland, with whom she has two children.

Cynthia’s paternal grandfather was George Alfred Watros/Watrous (the son of Frederick Delray “Fred” Watros/Watrous and Mary Alina/Albina Williams). George was born in Michigan. Frederick was the son of Clinton Delray Watrous and Hattie Ann Nelson. Mary was the daughter of John Dow Williams and Laura Adaline/Addaline Thomas.

Cynthia’s paternal grandmother was Florence Clare Kaszubowski (the daughter of Joseph “Joe” Kaszubowski and Martha Viola Hayka/Heyka). Florence was born in Michigan. Joseph was born in Michigan, the son of Polish parents, Thomas Kaszubowski and Theresa Gierszewski. Martha was born in Michigan, the daughter of Polish parents, Jakub Hejka and Rozalia “Rose” Gardzilewski; Jakub was the son of J. Hejka and Jadwiga Kinkrewier.

Cynthia’s maternal grandfather was Henry J. Salvador (the son of Guiseppe/Giuseppe “Joseph” Salvador and Roselina Maria “Rosa” Martinelli). Henry was born in Michigan, to parents from Valfurva, Province of Sondrio, Lombardy, Italy.

Cynthia’s maternal grandmother was named Dorothy Margelia/Marzella/Marcella Mullens or Wimbrow (the daughter of Fannie). Dorothy was born in Indiana. Fannie was born in Indiana and married Harry W. Wimbrow. Fannie’s daughter, sometimes registered as Margelia Mullens or Marcella Wimbrow, was likely Harry’s stepdaughter.


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