Camilo Sesto

Birth Name: Camilo Blanes Cortés

Date of Birth: September 16, 1946

Place of Birth: Alcoy, Spain

Date of Death: September 8, 2019

Place of Death: Madrid, Spain

Ethnicity: Spanish [Valencian], small amounts of Catalan

Camilo Sesto is a Spanish singer, songwriter and record producer. He was the son of Eliseo Blanes Mora and Joaquina Cortés Garrigós. Camilo has a son, Camilo Blanes Ornelas, with his former partner Lourdes Ornelas.

Camilo’s paternal grandfather was Camilo Blanes Miró (the son of Antonio Blanes Santonja and Teresa Miró Pérez).

Camilo’s paternal grandmother was Emilia Mora Alcaina (the daughter of José Mora Esclapes and Carlota Alcaina Olcina). Carlota was the daughter of Antonio Alcaina and Camila Olcina.

Camilo’s maternal grandfather was José Cortés Font (the son of Francisco Cortés Ortis and Josefa María Font Moltó). Francisco was the son of Francisco Cortés and Josefa Ortis. Josefa was the daughter of José Font and Josefa Moltó.

Camilo’s maternal grandmother was Concepción Garrigós García (the daughter of Antonio Garrigós Fenollar and Joaquina García Guillén). Antonio was the son of Baltasar Garrigós Ripoll and Peregrina Fenollar Borrell.

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