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06/11/2019 – Brooks Nader – “Men In Black: International” New York City Premiere – Arrivals – AMC Lincoln Square – New York City, NYC, USA – Photo Credit: Michael Sherer /

Birth Name: Brooks Clair Nader

Place of Birth: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S.

Date of Birth: February 7, 1996

Ethnicity: Lebanese (paternal grandfather), English, Irish

Brooks Nader is an American model. She has been featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue from 2020 to 2023, and was a covergirl in the last-mentioned year.

Brooks has been described as “part-Lebanese.” Her other roots include English and Irish. Her maternal great-uncle, grandmother’s brother, was singer, songwriter, and guitarist Owens “Boomer” Castleman.

She is married to Billy Haire.

Brooks’ paternal grandfather is Samuel Joseph “Sam” Nader (the son of The Rev. Sam Nader and Esma John). Brooks’ grandfather Samuel was born in Louisiana. Brooks’ great-grandfather The Rev. Sam was born in Lebanon, the son of Tomas Nader and Olympia Thomas, who was born in Bookaz. Esma was born in Louisiana, the daughter of Joseph John, who was born in Lebanon, and of Annie Amuny, whose parents were from Banyu, North Lebanon.

Brooks’ paternal grandmother is Margaret Ann/Anne Gardner (the daughter of Frank W. Gardner and Alice Brooks). Margaret was born in Alabama. Frank was the son of William A. Gardner and Genesse “Genie/Jeanie” Haygood/Hagood. Brooks’ great-grandmother Alice was the daughter of Osborn Dallas Brooks and Margaret Clark.

Brooks’ maternal grandfather is politician, veterinarian, and rancher Thomas Alan “Tom” Greene. Thomas served in the Louisiana State Senate from 1992 to 2000.

Brooks’ maternal grandmother is Cathy/Kathy Pryor Castleman (the daughter of William Pryor Castleman and Barbara Owens Boomer). Cathy was born in Texas. William was born in Kentucky, the son of William Pryor Castleman and Ethel M. Shea. Barbara was born in Kentucky, the daughter of George Owens Boomer and Rosella Thatcher. Barbara later married journalist Holland McCombs.

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  1. Johnsonades says:

    In this passenger list it says that Abraham Amuny (born 1864) was from Tripoli in Lebanon and was heading to his family in Louisiana

    In the census where Annie Amuny appears with her parents it also says that her father Abraham was born in 1864

    So yes pretty much her grandfather Sam Nader was fully Lebanese so please remove that she was Syrian-Lebanese from your title since she is not of Syrian descent.

  2. Johnsonades says:

    Marriage certificate of Joseph John and Annie Amuny in 1918 in Louisiana

    In this certificate it says that Joseph John’s parents are Joseph John and Emily John (Hatty). Emily Hatty/Halty John born in Lebanon as can be seen here

    Death certificate of Joseph John’s father Joseph John (1877-1931) in Louisiana where it says his parents were Morrow John and Antoniette Achkar

    In this death certificate it says he was born in 1841 actually in Mount Lebanon (which makes more sense since his son Joseph was born in 1892 so he couldnt have been born in 1877 like the previous says)

  3. Johnsonades says:

    Her paternal great-grandfather Sam Nader (1919-2002) was born in Lebanon as said here

    His mother Olympia Thomas Nader was born in Bookaz, Lebanon as seen here

    His father Tomas Nader died in Aš Šamāl, Lebanon in 1960 as seen here

    Her paternal great-grandmother Esma John’s father Joseph John (1892-1967) might have been born in Batroun, Lebanon possibly in 1887 and lived in Cleveland, Ohio by 1917 as seen in this draft

    Joseph John’s naturalization act in 1904 in Louisiana with his father-in-law Abraham Amuny as a witness-

    Esma John’s mother Annie Amuny (1901-1985) was born in Louisiana to Abraham Amuny (1864-1910) and Mary Saba (1885-1969) who were both born in Banyu, North Lebanon (most likely Batroun) according to this tree on familysearch

    Annie had a brother named William Abraham who was born in 1892 in Lebanon as seen in the census of 1910 here and here

    Annie’s brother William Abraham Amuny could be the same as the one that was born in 1893 in Boynou (Batroun?) as can be seen in this draft in Texas of 1917 probably the same that naturalized in 1899 in Louisiana as seen here

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