Ana Brenda Contreras

2014 Eva Longoria Foundation Dinner - Arrivals

Contreras in 2014, photo by prphotos

Place of Birth: Hidalgo, Texas, U.S.

Date of Birth: December 24, 1986

Ethnicity: Mexican

Ana Brenda Contreras is a Mexican actress, singer, and model, also credited as Ana Brenda. She has starred on the telenovela Teresa and the series Dynasty. She was born in Hidalgo, Texas, U.S., the daughter of Blanca Perez and Efren Contreras, and later moved to Mexico.

A picture of Ana with her father can be seen here. A picture of Ana with her mother can be seen here.


8 Responses

  1. muricansareallmutts says:

    Ethnic Eastern European.
    albanian, romenian, bulgarian, macedonian.

  2. gnr0720 says:

    65% European, 35% American Indian

  3. bablah says:

    She was born in Texas:

    It says so even on spanish wikipedia.

  4. anen87 says:

    In this pic. she resembles a prettier version of Lea Michele & Nikki Reed. Ana’s hazel eyes & nicer nose makes her more superior in beauty.

    My mom thinks she looks arab, but that look can happen in mexicans with european & native american admixture, inheriting certain genes of each. I believe Ana is of Harniza/Castiza stock predominately european with some indigenous.

  5. me says:

    She looks lebanese.

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