Andrew Dismukes

Birth Name: Andrew Vincent Dismukes

Place of Birth: Harris, Texas, U.S.

Date of Birth: June 21, 1995

Ethnicity: Cajun French, English, distant Irish and German, remote Scottish and French Huguenot

Andrew Dismukes is an American comedian. He is a featured player on the show Saturday Night Live.

Andrew’s paternal grandfather was Bobby Wayne Dismukes (the son of Thomas Emmett/Emmitt Dismukes and Pernie Izora Hall). Bobby was born in Texas, and was mostly of Colonial American/English descent. Thomas was the son of George Alexander Dismukes and Josie Lee Sanders. Pernie was the daughter of Joseph Jones Hall and Preshia Jane Woodruff.

Andrew’s paternal grandmother was Mary Virginia Savoy (the daughter of Evans Jack Savoy and Mae/May Courville). Mary was born in Texas, and was of mostly Cajun French descent. Evans was the son of Yves Savoie and Rosa Leger. Mae was the daughter of Benjamin Joseph Courville and Lelia Lafleur.

Andrew’s maternal grandfather was Sheldon Antoine Arnaud (the son of Samuel “Sam” Arnaud and Ezaure/Isaure Olivier). Sheldon was born in Arnaudville, Louisiana, and was of mostly Cajun French descent. Samuel was the son of Jean Marcoff Arnaud and Marie Emelia Lagrange. Ezaure was the daughter of Joseph Francois Olivier and Marie Melonie Quebedeaux.

Andrew’s maternal grandmother is named Celindia Ann Rollinson.

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