Ali Landry

Landry in 2011, photo by s_bukley /

Birth Name: Ali Germaine Landry

Place of Birth: Cecilia, Louisiana, U.S.

Date of Birth: July 21, 1973

Ethnicity: Cajun – French (mostly), along with small/distant amounts of Spanish, Basque, Belgian Flemish, Swiss-French, Swiss-German, German, English, Belgian Walloon, as well as 1/256th Italian, 1/256th Mi’kmaq First Nations, 1/256th Breton, 1/512 Guernsey Channel Islander, 1/1024 Scottish

Ali Landry is an American actress and model. She won Miss USA 1996, and is known as the Doritos Girl in the 1998 Super Bowl Commercial. She co-starred on the show Eve.

Ali is the daughter of Renella and Gene Allen Landry. She was born in a Southern region of Louisiana also known as Acadiana, which is in the center of Cajun country, and is of mostly Cajun (French) ancestry. Ali is married to Mexican director Alejandro Gómez Monteverde, with whom she has three children.

She was named after actress Ali MacGraw.

Ali’s paternal grandfather was Wade Joseph Landry (the son of Cyrus Joseph Landry and Armance Richard). Wade was born in Louisiana. Cyrus was the son of Gustave Landry and Eugenie Guidry. Armance was the daughter of Homer/Omer Felicien Richard and Euzeida Patin.

Ali’s paternal grandmother was Agnès Angelle (the daughter of Alphonse Angelle, Sr. and Cecile Castille). Agnes was born in Louisiana. Alphonse was the son of Azaise/Cesaire Angelle and Modeste Quebedeaux. Cecile was the daughter of Durel Castille and Clemence Potier.

Ali’s maternal grandfather was named Lloyd Joseph Ray.

Ali’s maternal grandmother was Lavina Guidry (the daughter of Thomas Jefferson Guidry and Germaine Angelle). Lavina was born in Louisiana. Thomas was the son of Eugene Guidry and Marcelite Lapointe. Germaine was the daughter of Edmond Angelle and Marie Caillier.

Sources: Genealogy of Ali Landry –

Genealogy of Ali Landry (focusing on her father’s side) –

Obituary of Ali’s maternal grandmother, Lavina (Guidry) Ray –

Information about Ali’s Angelle relatives –


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. madman says:

    Having all the fractions actually in her ethnicity just makes it look messy and confusing. As I said, they are approximations, not super-accurate, and I simply wrote them out so that you could get a sense of to what degree she had them. I suggest simply writing “small amounts of” or “distant”, before listing them off.

    • follers says:

      But then someone will write in saying, “I knew it, she does look Spanish”, or, “the Native American in her really shows”, etc. 1/32 deflates it better than putting “distant” somewhere in front of the whole listing, especially since people have different definitions of “distant”.

      • madman says:

        But writing it like this does no good either. Her ethnicity is now five rows and annoying to look at, even more so to read when you just want a quick glimpse on her background. Maybe the fractions can appear in a paragraph in the description instead?

        • follers says:

          Without the fractions, her ethnicity would be about four rows, which isn’t that much smaller.

          Most people don’t read below the picture, much less below the bolded “Ethnicity:” line.

          • madman says:

            Well, it is also misleading to say the least. This phrasing makes it look like she has one sixth great-grandparent who was Native Canadian, when in fact she has four ancestors who together makes up approximately 1/256 of her ancestry. People who are interested in knowing more details about her ethnicity will read the description, many profiles are writted like this even when the fractions are much lower.

          • follers says:

            I changed the format, but you may dislike this one, too.

            I don’t think it necessarily reads like she has one sixth great-grandparent. Fractions on this site often combine ancestors.

            If you know of generally precise fractions for other pages, I’m not against putting those in, too.

          • ethnic says:

            I think its interesting but others will think its way too much info

      • fuzzybear44 says:

        I don’t know , some of the people on this site suck at math. So no matter what you put, they still want get it

    • Jordan says:

      I fully disagree. I hate seeing small amounts of or distant, it’s useless. It’s perfect as it is, truly.

  2. madman says:

    Her genealogy is very detailed now. Her ethnicity is:
    Cajun (French, distant Swiss-French, Walloon, Breton, and Mi’kmaq Native American), small amounts of German, Swiss-German, Spanish, Belgian (Flemish), Basque (from France), English, Italian, and remote Scottish

    Genealogy of Ali’s maternal grandmother –

    • follers says:

      Who were the Mi’kmaq, Spanish, and Italian ancestors? Are all those groups you mentioned through her grandfather? Actually, do you know the fractions of all the groups you mentioned? Since she’s so French, fractions would be helpful to show how distant the rest are.

      • bablah says:

        From the wikitree link madman posted:
        Joseph Angelle b. 1789 (Lavina Guidry’s maternal great great grandfather) is from Valladolid, Spain and appears on her father’s side also
        from rootsweb:
        Pierre LeJeune (b.1595) was married to a Mi’kmaq woman (10)
        Priscilla (Melancon) Malleson (b.1613) was from Yorkshire (7)
        Francois ‘Gauterot’ Gautreaux (b.1613) was married to Marie (b.1618) who was Mi’kmaq (6)
        Phillippe Muis ‘d’Azit’ d’Entremont II (b. 1660) is married to another Mi’kmaq woman called Marie (b. cca 1660)
        Jean Beneque Pitre (b.1636) is from Flanders, Belgium (not sure if Flemish or Walloon) (2)
        Angelus ‘Angelbert’ ‘Ange’ Degeyter (b. 1799) is Flemish, from Senetlede
        Jean ‘dit La Fortune’ Potet (b. 1624) was from Lucerne, Switzerland (2)
        Francois Joseph ‘de Savoy’ Savoie (b. 1621) is supposed to be the son of Thomas Francis of Savoy, Prince of Carignano, but he had no child by that name (3)
        Jean LaCasse (b. 1695) is from Bern, Switzerland
        George ‘Jean’ ‘Jacques’ Stelly (Stehlin) (b. 1716) is from Alberhausen, Wurttemburg, Germany
        His wife Marie Christine ‘LeMaire’ Edelmeier (b. 1722) is born in St. Charles Parish, Louisiana to German parents from Rheinland and Alsace
        Their son Jean Baptiste Stelly (b.1753) is married to Marie Madeleine Ritter (b.1747) also of German descent
        Charles Robert Burleigh (b. 1755) is born in Wilmington, Hanover, North Carolina to English immigrant parents
        His wife is Elizabeth Anne Miller (b. 1762) in Pensacola, Florida and is probably also English
        William ‘Billy’ ‘Jeansonne’ Johnson (b. 1680) is from Scotland
        Anna Maria Frederich (b.1712) was born in Rothenburg, Baden, Germany
        Marie Catherine ‘Domaire’ Domer (b. 1674) from Hainaut, Belgium
        Philippe Pinet (b. 1654) is the son of Anne Marie Metisse (b.1631) of Indian nation (metisse maybe indicates mixed ancestry)
        Louis Armand DuCrest (b. 1722) was from Geneva, Switzerland (3)
        Nicolas ‘Weiss’ Wiltz (b. 1699) from Wolkringen, Switzerland married Marie Madeleine ‘Binten’ Pinter from Arenbac, Switzerland (4)
        Jose Raphael Ignacia Buenaventura Castille (b. 1732) was from Port Mahon, Menorca, Balearic Islands, Spain (2)
        Not sure what Cunegonde Nacdotieque (b. 1681) was, but she was born in Illinois
        Marie Barbe ‘Poche’ ‘Pauche’ Bock (b. 1727) was born to german immigrant parents from Baden
        The numbers in the parethesis at the end show how many times she’s desended from that person.
        Everybody else is Frenchy French and more often than not, related to each other not only in New World, but also back in France (loooots of inbreeding)
        Could you tell I was bored? hahhaha

        On a sidenote it should be noted in the article that her parents’ names are Gene Allen Landry and Renella Landry.

      • madman says:

        The ancestors are mostly from her father. She is descended from many people multiple times, which is why I didn’t write the fractions. Adding them up, she is approximately:
        1/32 Spanish
        3/128 Basque
        1/64 Belgian (Flemish)
        3/256 Swiss-French
        3/256 Swiss-German
        3/256 German
        1/128 English
        1/128 Belgian (Walloon)
        1/256 Italian
        1/256 Mi’kmaq Native American
        1/256 Breton
        1/512 Guernsey (Channel Islander)
        1/1024 Scottish

        These are all of her Native American ancestrors (all but the first is actually labelled Mi’kmaq).

        I know that they are remote, but she is descended from these through so many directions that, adding it all up, she is of approximately 1/256 Native American descent in total.

        These are her recent Spanish ancestors (she has some remote ones as well):

        And the Italian one:

        Also found a Guernsey:

  3. veevie says:

    She is from down south Louisiana and most likely have a relative that crossed over. Mixed with black that could pass for white. That is very common here, although not likely for them to admit.

  4. WTF says:

    she looks part mexican or native american. definitely not 100% white

  5. Check7t says:

    Sexy sexy sexy!

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